Puck main campus with the overlaid words "Puck Manning 10th Anniversary"
June 9, 2020

Puck Enterprises Celebrates 10 Years of Manufacturing

Manning, IA (June 9, 2020) – Puck Enterprises, an industry leader in liquid transfer equipment, has reached a noteworthy milestone as the company marks its 10th anniversary since fully transitioning into the fluid transfer manufacturing arena. Starting in custom nutrient application for agriculture over 40 years ago, company founder, Ben Puck, and his team engaged in finding innovative ways to revolutionize liquid transfer technology.

This drive lead Puck Enterprises to construct a 15,000 sq-ft manufacturing plant in Manning, Iowa. From its opening in June of 2010, Puck’s Manning campus has expanded exponentially, leading to growth and opportunities for the company and community. 

Today, Puck Enterprises’ success has allowed the company to grow from a handful of employees to now having 170 personnel at three different locations throughout the midwest. The Manning location has added five more building expansions in the last five years alone.

Puck products can also be found throughout the globe. In 2014, the company established an international branch in the Republic of Croatia. Puck Enterprises also delivered equipment to the continent of Antarctica in the winter of 2019.

As the company has grown, so has its drive to provide customers with the highest-quality products. To meet those goals, the company developed and implemented a robust and intuitive pump control system named LightSpeed.

Puck Enterprises has also acquired BullDog Hose Company and – most recently – U.S. Coupling & Accessories, Inc. While there is plenty of success worldwide, the manufacturer still stays true to its Iowa roots by supporting its local community of Manning. 

“Our company’s growth has allowed us to give back to our community in so many ways, both monetarily and just simply staying committed to being involved in different programs and organizations,” said Jeremy Puck, President, and CEO of Puck Enterprises. “We’ve been able to provide employment opportunities to a city of 1,500 people. Being located in rural Iowa, it’s important to make sure the local community is supported and thriving – especially during challenging times.”

Puck Enterprises has supported local charities, businesses, and many other community organizations. The Puck family is very involved in spearheading K-12 STEM initiatives at the local school, IKM-Manning. Jeremy Puck is a member of the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council

“None of this would’ve been possible without our customers and those that have supported us throughout the years,” continued Puck. “We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. It is a privilege to be able to create innovative products and solutions that improve the livelihoods of others.”

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