Hose Carts

Built tough, Puck Hose Carts are designed to perform in even the harshest manure application conditions. Our hose carts are made to transport slurry, water or other liquids,  bringing you results, maximizing hose life and allowing for faster cycle times. Large enough to move high volumes of manure but robust enough to easily maneuver in the field, Puck Hose Carts are the epitome of proven performance.

TTR20 Hose cart

Hose Cart

Able to be operated by a single person for streamlined manure application, our hose carts are built tough, to perform under the most grueling conditions. Navigate through tough terrain with ease, whether you’re transporting slurry, water, or other liquids. The smooth edges of the host cart protect your hose from punctures and tears, leading to less maintenance and downtime.  Simple in-cab operation saves time, which means you can cover more territory.

Traditional Carts

When you’re on the job, Puck’s hose reels are built to make the liquid transfer process easier — decreasing downtime, freeing up workers and extending the life of your hose.

Turn Table Hose Cart Reel

Puck Turn Table Reels take transferring and deploying hose to a whole new level. With unmatched design and usability, these manure application carts are the answer to all operations using lay flat hose.  With full hydraulic control from the cab, you can enjoy the comfort of safety. Arch guard designs keep the hose from going over the sides. With 120 Degrees of rotation, you can not only place the hose in tight places but can also pick up the hose without damaging it.

Hose Mover

Don’t let obstacles or twisted hose slow you down — keep your operation flowing with Puck’s hose movers. The HM10 helps you navigate rough terrain and increase your efficiency, extending your 40-acre set into a 240-acre set without shutting down. Whether you’re smoothing out a hose or moving it into position, our hose mover is a crucial part of your fluid transfer operation, simplifying your job in the field and extending the life of your hose.