close view of Hy-Flow Double Bolt Couplers

Hy-Flow Double Bolt Couplings

Hy-Flow Couplings are a popular hose coupling used for the connection of layflat hoses, with the primary application being the Agriculture Manure Slurry market.  U.S. Coupling Hy-Flow couplings consist of Hose Shanks, Segmented Collars, Internal Sleeve, and Clamp.  The product is produced 100% in North America.  Available Sizes 4″ to 12″.

  • Shanks are manufactured from high strength, seamless, extruded aluminum
  • Collars are manufactured from high strength, seamless, extruded aluminum
  • All seamless aluminum is 6061 with T6 temper
  • All aluminum is hard-coat anodized to ASTM 8625, Type III
  • Rated working pressure is 250 psi (17.2 bar)
  • Zinc plated carbon steel bolts for segmented collar
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SizeConnection Diameter Shank DiameterTypeCollar Style
6" x 4"6"4"Double BoltDrill & Tap
6" x 4.5"6"4.5"Double BoltDrill & Tap
6" x 5"6"5"Double BoltNut & Bolt
6" x 5"6"5"Double BoltDrill & Tap
6" x 5.5"6"5.5"Double BoltNut & Bolt
6" x 5.5"6"5.5"Double BoltDrill & Tap
6" x 6"6"6"Double BoltNut & Bolt
6" x 6"6"6"Double BoltDrill & Tap
6" x 7"6"7"Double BoltNut & Bolt
6" x 7"6"7"Double BoltDrill & Tap
6" x 7.25"6"7.25"Double BoltNut & Bolt
6" x 7.25"6"7.25"Double BoltDrill & Tap
8" x 7"8"7"Double BoltNut & Bolt
8" x 7"8"7"Double BoltDrill & Tap
8" x 7.25"8"7.25"Double BoltNut & Bolt
8" x 7.25"8"7.25"Double BoltDrill & Tap
8" x 8"8"8"Double BoltNut & Bolt
8" x 8"8"8"Double BoltDrill & Tap
10" x 10"10"10"Double BoltNut & Bolt
12" x 12"12"12"Double BoltNut & Bolt