45 Years of Innovation

a white truck with a red drum on the bed in the fields in 1979

Getting Our Start

Among the cornfields, gravel roads, and baseball diamonds that filled in the Manning, Iowa landscape in the late 1970s, the Puck family planted a seed. Countless hours spent in tractors working on family farms culminated in the creation of Puck Enterprises, a custom manure application company working with farmers in the rural area surrounding Manning.

a tractor pulling a green barrel

Planting Seeds

A family-owned business that began with vacuum trucks, we strived to create new solutions and solve problems in different ways, while always being stewards of the fertile Iowa farmland we call home. Today, these practices and core beliefs are still ingrained in our company DNA. The original seed planted by Ben and Kathy Puck sprouted and grew, fertilized by the hard work and bright minds of Iowa farmers.

a tractor in a field pulling hose

An Innovative Spirit

As agricultural production changed and increased in Iowa, we adapted—continuously growing and adding to what we had built. Through the years, an innovative spirit began to take hold at Puck. Who better to manufacture application equipment than those with firsthand experience using it?

the first 2-way hydraulic hose cart sitting outside

A Manufacturing Mindset

Starting with hose carts, we began manufacturing our own equipment, quickly finding it to be more effective and efficient than anything else on the market. Driven by progressive mindsets and an insatiable desire to keep improving, these innovations continued through the decades.

a green HC8 sitting in the grass with an orange hose

New PCE Designs

With the addition of hose carts, pump trailers, boom trucks and applicator swim arms, manure applications for Puck Enterprises jumped above 100 million gallons in 2006. The successful performance of the equipment spurred confidence to take the designs to the market for sale. PCE introduced the HC8 at the World Pork Expo in 2006.

the original red barn that Puck started in

Shifting Ambitions

Drawing on our work ethic, application experience, and local expertise to fabricate product after product, this side project slowly moved to the forefront of our company.

In 2007, the first Puck product was sold.

a man on the shoreline with the control system of an agitator boat in a lagoon

Proving Performance

We haven’t looked back since building our first hose cart in 2005. We continue pioneering new ground in every part of the agriculture industry. From the introduction of the world’s first agitation boat to 4WD swingarms, our revolutionary technology has shifted the way industries operate. We’ve built our reputation not by cutting corners, but through hard work and proven performance.

an aerial view of the Puck campus in 2011 consisting of 2 warehouses

Building a Reputation

In the spring of 2011, footings were poured for a new warehouse and by the fall the much needed space was filling up with engines, pumps, hose, and parts.

an overhead view of the shop at the start of expansion in 2012

Growing to Meet Needs

With a growing production line, floor space started to get tight. The 2012 expansion tripled the manufacturing area at PCE and added a paint booth for powder-coating.

3 men holding a PCE flag and standing in front of the new Croatia location

Branching Out

After massive growth, we established the first international store in Osijek, Croatia. At this time, we began to take the business to the next level with sales in Canada and overseas.

an aerial view of the Puck campus, now with 3 large warehouses

Scaling Up

Expansion continued in 2015 to meet the needs of our production line. We built a new, larger warehouse, a dedicated parts department, and a new service shop.

the Puck warehouse and offices South Dakota

Expanding Our Footprint

To meet the demands of our growing list of Midwest customers, Puck established a store in Worthing, SD.

the Puck office and warehouse in Farley, Iowa with equipment parked in front

Extending Our Reach

Another store in Farley, IA was established to continue to service customers closer to home.

BullDog Hose Company logo

Nothing Grows in Isolation

In 2018, Puck completed an asset purchase from Angus Fire of the U.S. hose manufacturing plant, equipment and product lines based in Angier, North Carolina, and to be operated as BullDog Hose Company.

an aerial view of the Manning facility with cars and equipment parked all around the four buildings

Nurturing Our Growth

Another warehouse was built in 2019 to house more equipment and hose at the Puck Manning campus.

US Coupling logo

Acquiring Connections

The completed acquisition of U.S. Coupling & Accessories, Inc., a hose connection and fittings manufacturer was announced.

The announcement solidifies Puck Enterprises’ commitment to the liquid transfer industry in developing new solutions and bringing high-quality products to its customers.

the fields around the main Puck building in Manning, Iowa

Cultivating Expansions

The Puck Manning campus added on yet another 100,000 square feet of area to give Puck room to grow. This expansion connected most of the Manning campus buildings, excluding the service building, to streamline production through all four seasons.


Entering New Spaces

In 2023, Puck Enterprises launched Puck Fire at the annual FDIC trade show, giving Puck three distinct branches in agriculture, industrial, and firefighting. With each new iteration of our tried and true products, we are utilizing nearly 45 years of experience to innovate and transform these markets.

a view from over the trees lining the road overlooking the new pond construction and Puck Manning in the background

Furthering Innovation

At the end of summer in 2023, Puck Enterprises in Manning completed construction on a new pond for Research & Development. Spanning 2.5 acres, the pond will be a test site for new products, as well as an area for demonstrations.

an orange gradient rectangle with the white words 45 Years of innovation 1979-2024 Puck

Celebrating 45 Years

In 2024 we will be celebrating 45 years of innovation.


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