Fire Equipment

For over 40 years, Puck Enterprises has been a leading manufacturer of liquid transfer equipment systems.

Utilizing our experiences has propelled Puck into introducing innovative technology into the Industrial Fire market.

We produce equipment that allows your team to safely and efficiently move more liquid than ever before. We have a new approach to bringing water to the fire.

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Quick Attack
Foam Tote Trailer
Force Feed Trailer
Force Feed Truck

Quick Attack

Quickly setup fire suppression with a mobile attack platform using a Puck Quick Attack. Single or Dual monitors with remote control capabilities ensure firefighter safety. Flowrates up to 4,000 gpm and direct injection capability of foam adds versatility to the Quick Attack.

Foam Tote Trailer

Puck Foam Tote Trailers efficiently incorporate foam concentrate and are built with quick foam tote change out features to minimize downtime of foam concentrate delivery. Puck Foam Tote Trailers also feature a self-educating monitor and manifold for increase versatility of your foam concentrate delivery operations.

Force Feed Trailer

Built solid with hydrostat controls and a variety of attachments for all of your pumping needs, our Force Feed Trailer pump brings a higher level of performance for pumping liquid of all types. Equipped with LightSpeed control systems, all pump units are designed to give you full control and run with maximum efficiency.

Pump Unit

Effective fire suppression begins at the source of water. Utilizing the Puck Force Feed products, flowrates over 4,000 gpm are quickly and safely achieved without deploying floating submersible pumps and hydraulic lines. The truck chassis mounted FF4000-70 provides fast deployment of a 70’ boom and submersible pump to reach over a sea wall and quickly establish water supply.

Forged with over 40 years of liquid transfer experience, the Force Feed Truck is engineered for versatility and designed to attack the task at hand—without compromise.  Puck brings world class pumping capabilities to your liquid delivery operations. With the help of the Force Feed Truck and large diameter hose, you can get big water to your big fires. Now that is next-level power and performance for your fire operation from Puck.

All Puck equipment is built with our proven expertise and designed for optimal performance. Combined with LightSpeed, our pump units pack a powerful punch that improves your liquid transfer efficiency on the job and streamlines your operation.