a driver side view of Puck Fire TTR15P
a red turn table reel from Puck Fire

Turn Table Reels

Built tough, Puck Hose Carts are designed to transport hose for water or other liquids.  Maximizing hose life and large enough to move high volumes of water, Puck Turn Table Reels are the epitome of proven performance.

The two-way, hydraulically powered reel is designed for a single operator to free up workers and decrease downtime. Laying and retrieving hose has never been easier or quicker, with a hydraulic hose rack on a slewing bearing swivel to offer 105 degrees of rotation. Puck’s patented Arch Guard and domed reel ends keep the hose from twisting, rolling, kinking, or falling off the cart. The A-frame chassis has an interchangeable hitch and the tandem axles sit on rugged tires for increased traction.

Puck Turn Table Reels also feature DOT LED light kits with battery breakaway for ease of transport to operational sites, as well as electric brakes and leaf spring suspension. The powerpack on the front of Puck Hose Carts contains the engine and hydraulic level controls, and the cage on the front of the A-frame features storage space. Puck Fire’s TTRs expand hose capacity to a whole new level.

A New Approach to Bringing Water to the Fire
Turn Table Reels Features
  • Two-way mechanically powered roll
  • Puck Arch Guard keeps hose on the reel
  • Domed reel ends
  • 11 RPM reel speed and 2.5 MPH ground speed
  • 105-degree turn table rotation
  • LED emergency and work lights
  • Holds 2,500 feet of 7.25″ hose
  • Manual and remote control operations
  • 35 HP on-board engine
  • Overall dimensions 12′ H x 22′ L x 8.5′ W
  • Weighs 13,400 lbs empty and 30,000 lbs GVWR
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Puck Enterprises’ TTR15P expands hose reel capacity to a whole new level. This turn-table reel can manage 2,500 feet of 7.25″ hose at a time.

the back drivers side angle view of a Puck Fire TTR15P turned broadside and rolling hose


Utilizing the Turn Table Reel design, hose can be deployed safely while in motion, allowing fast and accurate hose deployment. During retrieval, the TTR15P is able to level-wind the supply hose from a stationary position, allowing for a safe and efficient reloading for the next deployment.

the rear of a Puck Fire TTR15P hooked up to a black pickup in front of the Manning Fire & Rescue


A higher reel clears up the operator’s line of sight, making it easy to fill the cart and take care of the hose. These tasks should be simple, and the Puck TTR15P makes sure that they stay that way.

Model Number Hydraulic Pull MotorAxleBrakesTiresLightsWidthHeightUnloaded Weight
TTR-4Single Planetary DriveTandem 7,000 lb Axle-lessElectric Brakes305/65 R 17DOT Light Kit with Battery Breakaway8' 4"9' 3"6,600 lbs
TTR15PDouble - one on each side Tandem 15,000lbsElectric Brakes445/50 R 22.5
Option: 500/45 R 22.5
DOT Light Kit with Battery Breakaway8' 5"12'13,400 lbs