the back side of a 32' 4WD Dietrich on a tractor

4-Wheel Drive Toolbar Applicator

Puck’s 4-Wheel Drive Toolbars are custom built in a variety of widths (20–35 feet) to match the needs of your operation. These folding injector toolbars are built for you, made to fit your specific application needs and choice of row units. These units’ proven performance can upgrade your operation, with single pass incorporation that minimizes time and expense, coupled with larger diameter hose which increase flow rates. Build soil structure, minimize run-off, and deliver vital nutrients to your fields with the dependable quality of Puck’s 4WD Toolbars.

4WD Toolbar Features
  • Pairs with Puck’s 4WD Swingarm, connecting with the 8” z-pipe high pressure connector
  • Single pass incorporation minimizes time and expense
  • Larger diameter downtimes increase flow and rates
  • Toolbars fold for convenient transportation and storage
  • Comes in various widths to fit your choice of row units and your operation’s needs
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a 4WD toolbar application at use in a field with a John Deere tractor and hose attached


Puck will build a 4WD Toolbar to work with your choice of row unit, with a custom design to fit your application environment. The toolbars also come in various widths (20–35 feet) to meet the specific needs of your operation.

side view of 4WD Toolbar with bars folded as tractor drives down road for easy transportation and storage


The adaptable widths and folding bars make road transportation and storage with the 4WD Toolbar easy and convenient. We want our equipment to make your job easier — and that includes storing and transporting it.

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