front passenger side angle of the Quick Attack truck, a white 4 door Chevy
a passenger side view of the bed of the Quick Attack truck displaying a hose tray and hose hookups
a back side view of the Quick Attack truck bed. the door is closed and the hose trays and attachments are above it on each side
the bed of the Quick Attack truck. the door is down and the frame work of the hose trays and attachments are shown. the Puck logo and shield can be seen throughout
a close front view of the windshield of the Quick Attack truck and the hose nozzles sticking up from behind the cab can be seen on either side
the front driver side angle of the Quick Attack truck, a 4 door Chevy with LED lighting on the top of the cab, the side view mirrors, and the hood
a close view of the passenger side nozzle that sits positioned above the cab

Quick Attack

Be the first on the scene to get water on the fire fast. Quickly set up fire suppression with a mobile attack platform using a Puck Quick Attack. The 6” pipework and dual 6” Storz inlet connections on the drivers’ and passenger’s side of the truck allow for flow rates up to 4,000 gpm. Each nozzle is compatible with TFT Monsoon and TFT Master Stream nozzles with the optional remote control. Two hose trays are attached to the bed of the truck for storage. Automatic drain valves come standard, and full LED lighting packages are available. The Quick Attack is great on fuel consumption and maintenance, and is easy to maneuver into hard-to-reach areas.

Supply an existing truck for the Quick Attack upgrade, or we can provide a new truck. Our design requires a 8′ box and is compatible with Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, and GMC. The Quick Attack upgrade can be mounted on a regular, extended, or crew cab truck chassis. For maximum firefighting efficiency and quick setup, combine with the power of a Force Feed trailer, pulled by a gooseneck chassis.

A New Approach to Bringing Water to the Fire
Quick Attack Features
  • 6” or 8″ pipework
  • Automatic drain valves
  • Flow rates up to 4,000 gpm
  • Dual 6” or 8″ Storz inlet connections
  • Direct injection capability of foam
  • Full LED lighting packages available
  • (2) hose trays to carry and deploy up to 100’ of 7.25” lay flat hose
  • TFT Monsoon and TFT Master Stream nozzle compatibility – remote controlled options available
  • Built in Manning, Iowa
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