Puck TTR 20 Hose Mover in use behind a tractor in field
a john deere tractor with a Puck hose mover driving alongside a drag hose on the field with many cows in the background
TTR 20 Hose Mover with tractor in field
Hose Mover in Field

Hose Mover

Don’t let obstacles or twisted hose slow you down — keep your operation flowing with Puck’s hose movers. The HM10 helps you navigate rough terrain and increase your efficiency, extending your 40-acre set into a 240-acre set without shutting down. Whether you’re smoothing out a hose or moving it into position, our hose mover is a crucial part of your fluid transfer operation, simplifying your job in the field and extending the life of your hose.

Hose Mover Features
  • Allows for larger set navigation
  • Can navigate rough terrain and difficult situations
  • Able to shuffle hose to eliminate center line
  • Extends the life of your hose
  • Takes stress off applicator tractor
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back right side view of a hose mover on a tractor with the hose in the foreground


A hose mover can work as an extra set of drags, minimizing strain on your hose and keeping you on track.

side view of a hose mover on the back of a tractor


Avoid common problems in the field by moving hose over terraces or tile inlets, and smoothing out pinches in the hose. Puck’s hose mover keeps you out of trouble in the field, preventing maintenance down the road.

Puck HM10 Hose Mover lying on ground among other equipment


The ability to move hose while the applicator is at work means you can cover every acre, saving you time and extending the amount of territory you can cover in the field.

Hose mover and TTR 20 on tractor displaying the ease of a sharp turn in the field


Puck brings you smart, efficient performance. With good hose mover practice, you can keep the pumps running and avoid unnecessary downtime — saving you precious time during the busy application season.

Model Number Hose Contour DiameterOuter Ring DiameterMain Bearing StyleHitch FrameArticulationHitchLocking Pin
HM108' 4" 10' 2"Slewing Bearing 2" x 6" Reinforced A FrameFolds vertical with hydraulic cylinder for road travelCat 3/ Cat 4 Narrow ReadyHydraulic Positive Lock