From crop irrigation to liquid manure application operations, BullDog’s American-made agricultural hoses are built to deliver the steady and reliable flow you can depend on. Our high-performance field irrigationlay-flat, and drag hoses are made tough to survive rough days in the field. Simply put, they’re the best agricultural hose for your money.

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Manure-Injection Drag Hose
Premium 200® Irrigation Hose
Mainline Lay-Flat Hose
Armour Guard™
Air Raid™

tractor with hose mover in distance laying orange drag hose in field

Manure-Injection Drag Hose

BullDog Drag Hose is a flexible lay-flat, large-diameter hose designed for sludge injection and slurry transfer—efficiently pumping liquid manure and municipal sludge. It is ideal for agricultural operations, built for both continuous and intermittent operation at high working pressures.

The Drag Hose through-the-weave manufacturing technique prevents de-lamination and results in a much lower friction loss than aluminum or PVC pipe, thus reducing overall pumping costs. This agricultural and municipal drag hose swells in diameter, enabling liquid manure and other fluids to be pumped farther and at higher flow rates. Raw materials, components, and finished products are rigorously tested and inspected to ensure excellent product reliability.

Agricultural Hose for Traveler Irrigation

Irrigated fields depend on a strong and reliable flow of water. Our Premium 200® is lay-flat agricultural hose designed for the farmer who needs the best traveler irrigation hose available. Since traveling irrigators were first introduced, farmers have relied on BullDog irrigation hose to deliver the highest quality products for their operations. BullDog Premium 200® provides the very best in ozone and ultraviolet resistance as well as unsurpassed abrasion resistance, to ensure that this lay-flat hose will last longer than any other in the marketplace. Farmers using this hose for traveler irrigation also benefit from its superior kink resistance, which eliminates concerns of irrigator movement decreasing flow.


Lay-Flat Agricultural Hose

Mainline is a flexible lay-flat hose with a large diameter to ensure that your operation moves as smooth and efficiently as possible. Mainline features a unique through-the-weave one-piece construction—comprising a circular-woven high-tenacity polyester reinforcement completely encapsulated in a tough elastomeric polyurethane cover and lining—designed for long life and maintenance-free service, even in the toughest field conditions. High flexibility and kink resistance allows natural ground contours to be followed without putting stress on the line and eliminating costly path cutting work.

Heavy-Duty, Rubber-Covered Industrial Discharge Hose

Transfer sludge and manure easily and reliably with BullDog Armour Guard® Hose. Designed to be a flexible, lay-flat, large-diameter discharge hose Armour Guard brings impressive flow to any situation—combining the lightweight, compact features of a unique nitrile/PVC blend with enhanced durability and abrasion resistance, as compared to a conventional rubber hose.

Armour Guard features a heavy-duty, one-piece design with all-synthetic, extruded-through- the-weave construction. This allows it to expand under pressure, decreasing friction loss and increasing flow. The ozone-resistant synthetic rubber liner and cover completely encase and protect the high-performance synthetic woven reinforcement from the effects of abrasion, chemicals, and heat. Armour Guard is easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free. The standard color is yellow.

Air Hose

When it comes time for pigging the line, you need an air hose that will make the job easier. Air Raid™ hose is an air hose designed for improved handling and long-term service. Air Raid features a through-the-weave nitrile-PVC rubber hose encapsulated by a high-tech nylon-polyester outer jacket. This lightweight air hose is lay-flat and non-rigid, which allows for you to easily roll it up and lift onto your air compressor’s storage rack.

Available in both 25’ and 50’ coupled lengths, this hi-vis hose comes standard with a 2” four claw Chicago air fitting connection. The double bolt collar makes it easy to change out in the field, giving your hose a longer life. Air Raid offers excellent packability and superior kink resistance. After you use Air Raid, you will never want to go back to your former air hoses again.