front view of the single axle hose cart with arch guard and domed reel ends
front side view of the hose cart 16 hose reel

Single Axle Hose Cart

HC16 Single Axle Hose Cart with arch guard and interchangeable hitch, side view
Puck hose carts are built tough to perform under the most grueling conditions. Navigate through tough terrain with ease, whether you’re transporting hose for slurry, water, or other liquids. Our sales team is ready to discuss how a Puck Hose Cart can improve your operation’s efficiency.

The smooth, domed edges of the hose cart protect your hose from rolling, kinking, or twisting. The patented Arch Guard keeps hose from falling off the sides. This means less punctures and tears, leading to less maintenance and downtime. Designed for single person operation, the simple in-cab functions saves time, which means you can cover more territory. Laying out and rolling hose is effortless with a pivoting tongue and an inching valve for feeding hose behind the cart.

Hose Cart Features
  • Two-way hydraulically powered roll
  • Puck Arch Guard to keep hose on reel
  • Domed reel ends
  • Hydraulic axle articulation
  • Leaf spring suspension and heavy-duty axle
  • Open/close hydraulics hand valve
  • Interchangeable hitch
  • Hydraulic hose rack
  • Caged decking
  • No de-clutching devices
  • Full control from inside truck or tractor cap
  • One person operation
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front side view of the hose cart 16 hose reel


High carrying capacity and flotation tires make the HC 16 a popular choice for tackling rough work.

HC 16 behind a tractor rolling hose


With flotation tires, a heavy-duty axle with suspension and a swivel pintle hitch, the HC 16 is designed to handle whatever you throw at it. These features take the jolt out of rough terrain, keeping you — and your operation — moving.

front view of the single axle hose cart with arch guard and domed reel ends


A longer tongue helps Puck hose carts stand out from the crowd, providing better visibility when rolling and unrolling hose and making your job easier.

a single axle hose cart on display


A simple, smart design with full operation available from the cab makes the HC 16 the easiest cart on the market to operate. With the same design for all sizes of Puck Hose Carts, it’s easy to move from one to another.

HC 88 lengths - 1 mile 4 lengths - 1/2 mile
HC 1111 lengths - 1 3/8 miles6 lengths - 3/4 mile
HC 1616 lengths - 2 miles8 lengths - 1 mile
Model Specifications
Model Number Hydraulic Pull MotorAxleBrakesTiresLightsWidthHeightUnloaded Weight
HC 8Single or Option: Double15,000 lbsElectric Brakes 425/85 R 22.5 Option: 500/45 R 22.5DOT Light Kit with Battery Breakaway8 feet 4 inches10 feet5,400 lbs
HC 11Double - one on each side27,000 lbsOptional - Air Brakes Drum 425/85 R 22.5 Option: 500/45 R 22.5Ag Light Package11 feet 1 inch10 feet6,200 lbs
HC 16Double - one on each side 27,000 lbOptional - Air Brakes Drum 710/50 R 22.5 Option: 425/85 R 22.5Ag Light Package12 feet 10 inches12 feet 6 inches7,000 lbs