Hose Carts

Built tough, Puck Hose Carts are designed to perform in even the harshest conditions. Our industrial hose carts are made to transport large diameter, lay-flat hose to maximize hose life and allow for faster cycle times. Puck hose carts and hose reels are hydraulically driven for single-user operation. Free up workers and decrease downtime with an easier liquid transfer process.

TTR 30 with hose rolled on in front of the service shop

Traditional Carts

Situated on a single axle with leaf-spring suspension, Puck hose carts are designed for maneuvering across rough terrain on flotation tires. The unmatched design of Puck’s domed reel ends and patented Arch Guard give operators the capability to gather more hose without it falling off the cart, rolling, or kinking.

Turn Table Hose Cart Reel

With a tandem axle and double hydraulic pull motor, Puck Turn Table Reels are built for capacity. With 120-140° of rotation and single-person operation from within the cab, laying out and rolling up hose becomes a precise and simple task. The unmatched design of Puck’s patented Arch Guard and domed reel ends give operators the capability to gather more hose without it spilling over, twisting, or kinking.

Traditional Carts

When you’re on the job, Puck’s hose reels are built to make the liquid transfer process easier — decreasing downtime, freeing up workers and extending the life of your hose.