Armour Guard®

Transfer sludge and manure easily and reliably with BullDog Armour Guard® Hose. Designed to be a flexible, lay-flat, large-diameter discharge hose Armour Guard brings impressive flow to any situation—combining the lightweight, compact features of a unique nitrile/PVC blend with enhanced durability and abrasion resistance, as compared to a conventional rubber hose. Armour Guard features a heavy-duty, one-piece design with all-synthetic, extruded-through- the-weave construction. This allows it to expand under pressure, decreasing friction loss and increasing flow. The ozone-resistant synthetic rubber liner and cover completely encase and protect the high-performance synthetic woven reinforcement from the effects of abrasion, chemicals, and heat. Armour Guard is easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free. The standard color is yellow.

Armour Guard® Features
  • Nitrile rubber extruded-through-the-weave construction provides long-term storage stability and working life
  • Fully protected high-tensile yarns for improved working pressure ratings and drag resistance
  • Best-in-class adhesion provides enhanced hose performance and increased hose life
  • Best used as a supply line in feeder line discharge applications
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Armour Guard Specifications:
Size Pressure End Tensile Strength Wall Thickness Weight
Working Burst
inch mm psi kpa psi kpa lbs kg inch mm lbs/ft kg
4 100 300 2,068 600 4,136 25,000 11,340 .12 3.05 .84 0.38
5 125 300 2,068 600 4,136 36,000 16,329 .125 3.18 1.04 0.47
6 150 300 2,068 600 4,136 54,000 24,494 .13 3.30 1.48 0.67
Technical Data
Inner Hose Cover & LinerNitrile/PVC rubber
Inner Hose Reinforcement100% synthetic circular woven
Lengths50’, 75’, 100’ coupled
Lengths UncoupledUp to 660’ (201 m)
Factory Installed CouplingsFactory-Installed Couplings
Temperature Range -36º F to 158º F (-37º C to 70º C)