You Can Own Puck Diecast Toys

Puck collaborated with SpecCast Collectibles to create a line of toys based on real-life Puck products.

“Part of our mission statement and company values are higher quality of life and enjoyment. Toys satisfy this – there’s a kid in all of us, and it’s fun to go back to those memories through toys,” said Jeremy Puck, President and CEO of Puck Enterprises, “I’m excited we are able to provide these to our industry and all the kids that want to be just like their dad or family business – like myself. Now they don’t have to wait to grow up; they can start practicing right now, as many of us did growing up with toys.”

The miniatures of the our signature equipment are die-cast to 1:64 scale, modeling all the intricacies of Puck’s innovations. All of the toys come with a scaled-down hose representing BullDog Hose Company’s iconic orange Mainline™ and Drag Hose™ liquid transportation hose.

To order, call (712) 655-9200

a group of Puck diecast equipment toys, some attached to toy tractors

Built to Lead.
Even on a Small Scale.

the diecast HC 16 toy with orange hose rolled on
HC 16

Hose Cart

the diecast TTR 20 toy with orange hose rolled on
TTR 20

Turn Table Reel

the diecast WH 5780 toy
WH 5780

Warthog Pump Unit

the diecast FF 5770 toy
FF 5770

Force Feed with Boom

the diecast 4WD mounted swingarm and toolbar toy
4WD Swingarm & Toolbar

4WD Tractor Mounted Swingarm with Toolbar

the diecast toolbar with mounted swingarm toy
Toolbar with Swingarm

Toolbar with Mounted Swingarm

orange BullDog Hose Company hose for the diecast toys
Extra Hose

An extra length of BullDog Hose Company Hose