Pump Units

Puck Enterprises built our reputation through durable, high-performing pump units. Designed based on firsthand experience pumping thick liquids in the field, our pumping equipment will quickly improve the efficiency of your liquid transfer operation. Whether you are moving municipal sewage or transporting fuel, our full lineup has a variety of cutting-edge booster and lead pumps to get the job done.

Scimitar pump unit in use in Texas

Pump Unit

Next-level power and performance from Puck, the Boom Truck pump unit is engineered for versatility and designed to attack the task at hand — without compromise. This pump truck has a 70’, 4 section Z-fold boom and two Cornell pumps. The Boom Truck pump unit is built for performance with a 6819MPC main pump and a 10NNWH hydrostat-driven boom pump. Combined with the LightSpeed control system, operators get near-instant pump control accessible anywhere from almost any device.

Pump Unit

Reduce startup time and overcome self-priming limitations with Force Feed lead pumps. Extend your reach and maximize your output with the Tandem Axle Force Feed units, which can service pits up to 18 feet deep. The Force Feed trailers offer more horsepower and the ability to go up and over a wall while maintaining all the highly regarded automatic functions on our equipment.

Each of these liquid transfer pumps are equipped with the LightSpeed control system for near-instant pump control accessible anywhere from almost any device.

Pump Unit

Whether it’s a booster pump to gain more gallons, or a lead pump to get the flow going at the pit, Puck’s full lineup is sure to have the right combination of power and capability to fit your operation. Our horsepower options can range from 150 hp booster, paired with smaller manure pumps, to our 750hp Warthog. These liquid transfer pumps are made with efficiency in mind, so whether you need to pump 1,000 or 6,000 gpm, we have the right equipment for your industrial water or fuel transfer operation.