Our Equipment Helps You Move Liquid

At Puck, we manufacture and sell equipment, hose and couplings to help you move water and other liquids.

From our quality-built pumps and dragline application systems to our leading-edge LightSpeed control systems, the Puck Family of Brands continues to set the standard of performance.

Our products are American made. We are innovators who work hard to make our products better. Why is that? We don’t just build the equipment, we use it. When we use our equipment, we find better solutions to make your operation more efficient and more profitable.

Industry Leader
In Liquid Transfer.

We design and manufacture industry-leading fluid transfer systems and products with applications in various industries. We strive to create flexible solutions that get the job right, from unmatched manure transfer and dewatering equipment to revolutionary remote pump control technology and more. Our commitment to innovation is matched only by our dedication to exceeding our customers’ needs.

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With over 40 years of liquid transfer experience, Puck Enterprises has continued to drive innovation. From our industry-leading pumping equipment and cutting-edge LightSpeed technology, to our custom application expertise and manufacturing capabilities, we take pride in all that we do.

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