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We use cookies to improve the quality of our website and user experience. Cookies are small text files downloaded to a user’s device upon entering a website. Some cookies are strictly necessary for [Customer Name] to operate. Such cookies include improving and allowing access to our website. Strictly necessary cookies are always enabled, however, to store any other form of cookie we need your permission. [Customer Name] partners with Google Analytics to improve our website and marketing efforts. Google Analytics is a web analytics platform that enables us to understand how users interact with our website. To do so, a Google Analytics cookie is stored on our user’s devices.

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Cookies placed by Google Analytics may also retain information on user’s interacting with [Customer Name]. These cookies help us identify interests and behavioral patterns, enabling us to improve individual user experience. Information cookies placed by Google Analytics may collect information such as: browser type, device type, geographical location, session length, click rate, page views, search history, gender, age, user interests and the ability to identify unique users. Google Analytics doesn’t collect personally identifiable information such as email address or name. Instead, Google places a cookie on user devices with a randomly-generated ID. This information is obtained through cookies, IP addresses and user IDs. By accepting our cookie policy, data collected from your interactions with our website is shared with Google and stored on servers in the United States. Information is gathered form thousands of user’s in an aggregated form that provides an overview of how user’s interact with our website. How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps:

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