a screen grab of the LightSpeed control system software on the pumps tab
a screen grab of the LightSpeed control system software on the auto tab
a screen grab of the LightSpeed control system software on the gates tab
a screen grab of the LightSpeed control system software on the pumps tab



We don’t just build the best pumps — we create the hardware and software that helps them keep that status. LightSpeed is the only control system on the market that offers full site-mapping, in-depth pump diagnostics and insight, allowing you to have remote monitoring and control of your pumps in real time. This technology comes standard on all Puck pumps, so all your pumps will be protected and monitored by the watchful eyes of this powerful platform. Regulate pressures and add another layer of safety without adding more people, through LightSpeed’s advanced pump protection technology.

  • Real-time asset control
  • Intuitive, web-based operating platform
  • Auto-throttle settings for each unit
  • Warning indicator for machine vitals and operating parameters
  • Accessible from any connected device
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Operate your entire system from a single screen. Live numbers, instant control, constant monitoring, site mapping, and detailed diagnostics are all in one place, with a user-friendly design.


Auto-Throttle allows the unit to regulate pressure, with preset inlet and outlet pressures helping to maintain safe operating levels. This protects your pump from cavitation and maximizes flow rates. Your pump will automatically throttle up and down based on inlet and outlet variables that are user-defined.

LightSpeed control panel, standard on all units


The software automatically adjusts feeder pump speed to maintain constant pressure to the primary pump. This results in a smoother operation and a safer, more efficient pumping job. Whether it’s an electric or hydraulic feeder pump, LightSpeed has you covered.


Flow rate, pressures, pit level, temperatures and all other operating parameters from the site are all transmitted through LightSpeed, so you can ensure everything is working correctly — no matter where you are.

Booster Pump LightSpeed software controls


No other program matches LightSpeed’s in-depth pump diagnostics and insight. You’re able to check in on the status of each fuse, relay, and sensor, along with the power being used by each output. LightSpeed also records the hours from when the engine oil, air filter, hydraulic filter pump gearbox, and other parts were last changed, allowing you to keep tabs on when service is needed. Plus, engine warnings are displayed on all screen and logged, so you have a detailed pump history right at your fingertips.