Our Vision

We believe we can lead the industries we serve by creating innovative solutions with positive applications and effects.

That takes…

    We can accomplish a great deal working hard as part of a team. We take pride in what we do, the people we serve and the land we rely on.  We can’t accomplish this on our own, but together we can make great strides.
    Finding a better way is our motto.  We encourage our staff to stretch their capabilities and learn more to find a better way and make your operations more efficient and more profitable.
    We are often looking for new technologies and processes to create more efficiencies in equipment and business.
    We strive to create an environment where we find happiness in what we do.  We work together to develop more efficient ways for you to do business and have fun while doing so.
a man welding with full gear on and blue sparks flying

Our Mission

We strive to create wealth and a higher quality of life for our team, our customers and our community.

We do this by…

  • Creating products, services and jobs.
  • Creating an atmosphere that supports happiness and longevity.
  • Believing hard work leads to rewards and satisfaction – the key ingredients to an enriched quality of life.
the six employees who make up the parts department standing together in the parts warehouse

Team Work. Vision.

Every day, we push the boundaries of possibility.

The Puck Enterprises spirit of innovation and drives us to create the equipment and technology that defines the standard for tomorrow.  With our staff each day, we want to create team work, vision and enjoyment in our environment at Puck.