the PT 5780 booster pump angled from the front drivers side
booster pump front side angle on display
Puck Warthog 5770 booster pump with Hydrostats, view from the side
Puck WH 5770 manure booster pump parked outside
side view of Puck WH 5770 Manure Booster Pump with Hydrostat parked outside
Puck PT5780 parked and at use in a field with hose lines attached
Puck PT 5780 manure pump parked and working in field with hoses attached. Behind it sits the TTR 20 hose reel

Booster Pumps

the PT 5770 booster pump angled from the front drivers side

Puck Booster Pumps are the most robust, durable liquid manure pump units on the market. We offer a variety of horsepower and pump combinations to meet the needs of your manure pumping operation. Our sales team is ready to talk to you about the best set up for you. With more gallons pumped per gallon of diesel fuel consumed, these high-flow pumps are also high-efficiency.

Warthogs and pump trailers share many features. Both are equipped with a full hydraulic bypass with a built-in pig shooter to make hookup, shutdown, and pigging the line fast and easy. All Puck manure booster pumps are direct-drive from engine to pump. This allows us to grab full torque while minimizing the footprint and eliminating drivelines.

Puck Warthog Booster Pumps are capable of harnessing power through a rear PTO on the engine to control the submersible pump. Combined with LightSpeed controls, the submerged pump can be operated and controlled as if it were one unit, feeding to the field. LightSpeed, which comes equipped on all Puck pumps, gives the operator the ability to remotely run several pump units at once. LightSpeed also has built-in pump diagnostics that can monitor apparatus engines, relay the status and positions of gates, and more.

Booster Pump Features
  • Electric over hydraulic downriggers and gates (MK2)
  • Quick set changes: pig the line from the bypass
  • High-flow, high-efficiency pumps
  • Finish with full bypass operations from LightSpeed
  • More gallons pumped per gallon of diesel fuel consumed
  • Increased safety, decreased time on tractors/pump units
Warthog Features
  • 3,500-4,500+ gallons per minute pump capacities
  • Compact design
  • LightSpeed ready
  • Operates the Lagoon Feeder lagoon pump
  • Flow meter standard
  • Allows for extra distance
  • Electric over hydraulic downriggers and gates
  • Works as a Booster Pump
  • Lighting package (MK2)
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Booster Pump LightSpeed software controls


Puck bypasses can be entirely controlled through LightSpeed, bringing maximum efficiency to your operation. Pig the line from the bypass and finish with full bypass operation from LightSpeed — features that keep the job moving and make for quick set changes.

Puck WH 7581 with LightSpeed technology and attached hoses at work in the field


Cut costs with the increased efficiency of a Puck Booster Pump. Our high-flow, high-efficiency pumps level up your operation with more gallons pumped per gallon of diesel fuel consumed.

a PT 5770 in a dark garage showing off the lighting package


With our lighting package on the MK2, you can work in the dark. We took purpose and function into consideration when adding lights under the doors and around our MK2 pump trailers.

Model Number EnginePumpDimensions
PT 3048C7.1 (302hp) 4817MP9’6” x 20’6” x 7'5”
PT 3048TC7.1 (302hp)4817T9'6" x 20'6" x 7'5"
PT 3070C7.1L (302hp)6819MPC9'6" x 20'6" x 7'5"
PT 4570C9.3B (456hp) 6819MPC9’8” x 20’6” x 7'5”
PT 5770C13B (577hp)6819MPC10’ x 24’4” x 8'6”
PT 5770 (2022)C13B (577hp)6819MPC9'6" x 21'6" x 8'6"
PT 5777 (2022)C13B (577hp)81022MPL9'6" x 21'6" x 8'6"
PT 5780C13B (577hp) 81020MP10’ x 21’6” x 8'6”
PT 5780 (2022)C13B (577hp)81020MP9'6" x 21'6" x 8'6"
WH 4570C9.3B (456hp)6819MPC9'6" x 20'6" x 7'5"
WH 5770C13B (577hp)6819MPC10'3" x 24'4" x 8'6"
WH 5770 (2022)C13B (577hp) 6819MPC9'6" x 21'6" x 8'6"
WH 5777 (2022)C13B (577hp)81022MPL9'6" x 21'6" x 8'6"
WH 5780C13B (577hp)81020MP10' x 24'4" 8'6"
WH 5780 (2022) C13B (577hp)81020MP9'6" x' 21'6" x 8'6"
WH 7582C18 (755hp)81022MP10'4" x 26'9" x 8'6"