We Specialize in Manure Pumping
and Manure Application

Proper liquid manure agitation is the key to pumping lagoon storage and ensuring an even field application of nutrients; this is why we’ve leveraged our decades of manuring pumping experience to manufacture the best liquid manure equipment solutions on the market.

Since building the world’s first lagoon agitation boat, we have applied our expertise and firsthand knowledge to further push our products and technology. Our world-class manure pump units, hose carts, applicators, agitation boats, agitation trailers and mass-mix systems are all designed to make your operation more efficient. Puck liquid manure equipment and pump control systems help you save money and allow you to save time and boost profits.

Hose cart with Drag Hose and hose mover attached to a tractor moving through a field
booster pump front side angle on display
Manure Pump Units

We initially built our reputation through quality manure pump units and high-performing manure dragline equipment. Designed based on firsthand experience in the field, our slurry pumps provide world-class performance for every job. The power of our manure pumping equipment will quickly improve the efficiency of your dragline manure application operation.

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a single axle hose cart on display
Hose Carts

Built tough, Puck Hose Carts are designed to perform in even the harshest manure application conditions. Our hose carts are made to transport slurry, water or other liquids,  bringing you results, maximizing hose life and allowing for faster cycle times.

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4010 Battleship Agitation boat on display

Our world-class agitation boats, agitation trailers and mass mix systems are all designed to make your operation more efficient. This lagoon agitation equipment helps you save money and allows you to empty the whole pit.

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Puck's 3-point applicator toolbar on display

Puck drag hose applicators add efficiency to any manure injection operation. We offer pull-type toolbars and row-units with a variety of options. Our dragline manure injection systems are designed for increased flow and decreased ground speed, allowing you to achieve a more thorough application without sacrificing time.

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We Have Experience
in the Field

We continue to innovate and improve our products at Puck because we use our equipment with our own manure application crew. Our dragline manure application equipment will help your operation succeed.

We also have Pump School that will help you learn more from our team. At Pump School, we share how to better use equipment that you may already possess, along with how to plan for your growing business and the future.

a field hose cart with drag hose for agricultural operations attached to tractor in a field, most of the hose line has been unraveled
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