Premium 200 irrigation Hose on reel
the curve of the yellow premium 200 irrigation hose is in the foreground as it follows behind an irrigation tractor in a field

Premium 200® Irrigation Hose

Farm fields depend on a strong and reliable flow of water. Our Premium 200® is lay-flat agricultural hose designed for the farmer who needs the best traveler irrigation hose available. Since traveling irrigators were first introduced, farmers have relied on BullDog irrigation hose to deliver the highest quality products for their operations. BullDog Premium 200® provides the very best in ozone and ultraviolet resistance as well as unsurpassed abrasion resistance, to ensure that this lay-flat hose will last longer than any other in the marketplace. Farmers using this hose for traveler irrigation also benefit from its superior kink resistance, which eliminates concerns of irrigator movement decreasing flow.

Premium 200® Irrigation Hose Features
  • Nitrile rubber extruded through-the-weave
  • Long-term storage stability and working life
  • Fully protected high-tensile yarns for improved working pressure rating and drag resistance
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Premium 200® Irrigation Hose Specifications
Size Pressure Weight
Service Burst
inch mm psi kpa psi kpa lbs/ft kt/ft
3 76 300 1,378 600 4,136 .60 .27
4 100 300 1,378 600 4,136 .84 .38
4.5 114 300 1,378 600 4,136 .94 .43
5 125 300 1,378 600 4,136 1.04 .47
Technical Data
OuterNitrile/PVC rubber
Lengths660’ (201 m)
Temperature Range -36º F to 158º F (-37º C to 70º C)