side view of Puck FF5770 Manure Pump Unit parked outside
back side angle of Puck Force Feed Pump FF5770 parked outside
Force Feed trailer 5770 Tandem Pump unit folded up for easy transport and storage

Force Feed TrailersTM

Empty out your liquid storage with the versatile power of the Puck Force Feed pump unit. Built solid with hydrostat controls and a variety of attachments for all of your pumping needs, our Force Feed lead pump brings a higher level of performance for pumping liquid of all types. Equipped with LightSpeed control systems, all pump units are designed to give you full control and run with maximum efficiency.

Force Feed Trailer Features
  • Knuckle boom design that fits in all sizes of liquid storage
  • Remote control boom simplifies setting the boom, even in small spaces
  • LightSpeed allows for faster and enhanced pump control
  • Control the pump from your device anywhere, with the comfort of LightSpeed safety features
  • Set parameters for added monitoring and automatic responses with auto-throttle
  • Monitor flow and pressures remotely with LightSpeed
  • Utility vehicle ramps
  • Feeder pumps: 8NNWH, Doda Super 200
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The remote-controlled hydraulic boom of Puck’s Force Feed Trailer allows it to service any size of liquid storage, up to 13 feet deep. Three knuckle points mean easy setup and increased maneuverability, delivering performance no matter the scale of your operation.


LightSpeed is always watching the pump. Set flow, pressures and automatic responses with Auto-throttle to ensure maximum efficiency and ideal flow rates. This technology continually adjusts the feeder and primary pumps for peak performance and gives you the comfort of top-notch safety features.


Accessible from any device, LightSpeed gives you the ability to fully start up your pumps remotely, engage the feeder pump, target a specific flow rate, set pressure parameters and more. Now built with an even faster pump response and additional software features, LightSpeed is an invaluable tool for your operation.


The Force Feed Trailer continues to bring value to you each year, with more gallons pumped per gallon of diesel fuel consumed. This lowers the cost of your operation and ensures you’re operating at top efficiency. The hydrostatic system transmits more horsepower to the feeder pump to bring you even more fuel savings.

Model Number EnginePump
FF4570C931 (456hp) 6819MPC
FF5770C13b (577hp) 6819MPC
FF5770 TandemC13b (577hp)6819MPC