Puck’s 4-Wheel Drive mounted Swingarm in action behind tractor in a field
a John Deere 9R tractor backside with a swingarm and toolbar
a tractor with swingarm and toolbar in the field making a turn
an aerial view of a swingarm attached to a tractor
a close shot of the swingarm on a tractor in the field
a tractor in a field with a toolbar and swingarm

4 Wheel Drive Mounted Swingarm

Puck’s 4-Wheel Drive Mounted Swingarm is the easiest and most efficient way to run an applicator. Fits right on the tractor, the 4WD Swingarm allows you to turn around quickly and precisely, navigating rough terrain and difficult field conditions to deliver nutrients to the ground. These accurate turns eliminate the need for backing up, and your hose stays flat and level during all turnarounds. The 4WD swinger easily connects to Puck manure injection toolbars for a simple setup for dragline application. Operating independently of both the toolbar and the tractor, the 4WD Swingarm can easily adapt to your operation and allows you to change out tillage tools with ease.

4WD Swingarm Features
  • Equipped with 8” flow meter
  • Slewing bearing swivel results in minimal maintenance on swingarm
  • Hydraulic shut-off gates
  • Pig launcher for easy cleanout
  • Can be fitted to almost any tractor
  • Operates independently from toolbar for easy tool change
  • Easily hooks up to multiple applicator bars
  • Less stress on toolbar and tractor during turn-arounds
  • No need to rewire flow meter when changing tools
  • Turn around without backing up
  • Swinger sits directly above axle to provide much easier operation
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Puck 4WD Swingarm behind a tractor making a sharp turn in a field, pivoting on the same axle with ease


Pivoting on the same axle makes the applicator easy to operate and streamlines your time in the field. The 4WD Swingarm allows you to turn around quickly and without backing up, while also giving you the ability to work in harsh terrain and conditions.

Puck’s 4-Wheel Drive mounted Swingarm in action behind tractor in a field


Puck designed the 4WD Swingarm to operate independently of the toolbar, providing stability throughout the applicator. This makes for less stress on the toolbar and tractor during turnarounds, preserving your equipment and helping the job run smoothly..

a close view of Puck's 4WD Swingarm attached to a nonstandard toolbar in the field


The 4WD Swingarm can be adapted easily to any operation. It works with many toolbar types and widths, and there’s no need to re-wire your meter when changing out tillage tools.

4WD Swingarm Models
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