Fuel Hose
Fuel Hose
Fuel Hose

Fuel Hose

The hose that is there for all your fuel transfer needs. BullDog Fuel Hose is a premium lay-flat hose designed to transfer fuel. Fuel Hose features a through-the-weave one-piece construction, with a circular-woven, high-tenacity polyester reinforcement that is completely protected with a tough elastomeric polyurethane cover and lining. The hose is designed for long life and maintenance-free service in the toughest situations. In one of the hardest environments, it’s been in service for more than 25 years.
Fuel Hose Features
  • Designed for long life and maintenance free service in even the harshest environments. Tough and durable with exceptional resistance to abrasion and cutting for use on a wide variety of ground conditions. No corrosion or scaling. Resistant to fuels, chemicals, UV, ozone, weathering, hydrolysis, and microbiological attack.
  • Low pressure loss for efficient pumping. Swells up to 10% above uncharged diameter at maximum operating pressure enabling more water to be pumped.
  • Features a unique through-the-weave one piece construction comprising a circular woven high tenacity polyester reinforcement totally encapsulated in a tough elastomeric polyurethane cover and lining.
  • Long continuous lengths can be quickly deployed and retrieved using a wide variety of systems including light duty trailers, flaking boxes, and power-driven reels. High flexibility and kink resistance allows natural ground contours to be followed without putting stress on the pipeline and eliminates expensive path cutting work. Fewer joints and faster connections mean reduced labor and equipment costs.
  • Long-term storage in coiled configurations will have minimal impact on hose life.
  • Bonding wires, conforming to MIL-PRF-370 Type C, are fitted to allow couplings to be electrically bonded when transferring fuels.
  • Wide range of couplings, manifolds, and hardware available for connecting the hose to additional segments, fluid supplies, or auxiliary hardware.

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Fuel Hose Specifications:
Size Pressure Wall Thickness Weight**
Working Burst*
inch mm psi kpa psi kpa inch mm lbs/ft kg
2 51 200 1,378 600 4,136 .08 2.03 .21 0.095
2.5 64 200 1,378 600 4,136 .08 2.03 .30 0.136
3 76 200 1,378 600 4,136 .09 2.28 .37 0.168
4 102 200 1,378 600 4,136 .09 2.28 .56 0.254
6 152 200 1,378 600 4,136 .10 2.54 1.22 0.553
* Or maximum working pressure of attached coupling, whichever is the lower
** Excluding couplings
Technical Data
OuterThermoplastic Polyurethane
Inner Hose Reinforcement100% synthetic circular woven
LengthsUp to 660’ (201 m)
Factory Installed CouplingsPer Customer Requirement
Temperature Range-58° to 158° (-50º C to 70º C)