Pre-Owned Pump Units

Designed based on firsthand experience in the field, our slurry pumping equipment will quickly improve the efficiency of your dragline manure application operation. Whether new or used, Puck equipment is built to last.

Hours: 475 SN: P210246

Cat 9.3b 456hp Engine
6819MPC Cornell Main Pump
8NNWH Cornell Feeder Pump
Hydrostat System
Lightspeed Pro Equipped
Puck Gooseneck Chassis
8″ KROHNE Flowmeter
Down Riggers
Priming System
8″ Pipework with Hydraulic Gates
Pig Shooter
Work Lights
Two Fuel Tanks

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Booster Pump

Hours: 2678 SN: 2067B116

6.8L Deere 275Hp
8″ inlet and outlet
Primer system
Gauge panel

For more information call 712-655-9200

PT 3070


PT 3070 Booster
Cat 7.1L 300hp Engine
6819MPC Cornell Pump
Lightspeed Pro Equipped
Puck Single Axle Trailer
Down Rigger
No Priming System
8″ Hydraulic Bypass
Pig Shooter
Work Lights
Two Fuel Tanks

Honey Badger 5069

Hours: 6100 SN:P5069P191
JD 13.5L 550HP Tier 3 Engine
6819MPC WI Cornell Main pump
8NNWH Cornell Feeder
Puck Semi Chassis
8′ Krohne flowmeter
Down riggers
Priming system
8′ pipework with hydraulic gates
Pig shooter
Work lights
Four fuel tanks

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Hours: 3477
JD 9.0L 375HP Engine
6819MP ZY Pump
Lightspeed Controls
6″ Pipework
6″ Flowmeter
Single Axle Goosneneck Chassis
3 Fuel Tanks
Hydraulic Outrigger
Jib Crane

Call 712-655-9200 for details.

Houle Tip Pump

Manufacturer: Houle
Serial Number: 93-626

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