side angle of a lagoon feeder
front side of a lagoon feeder parked in a field
aerial view of a lagoon feeder parked next to a booster pump

Lagoon Feeder

side angle of a lagoon feeder
The Puck Lagoon Feeder is an essential piece of equipment for any large lagoon manure application. Built to work for all of our customers—both large and small—there is no size of lagoon that cannot be pumped with this unit. Our sales team can help determine which pump is needed on the Lagoon Feeder for your operation. Equipped with a 55 foot long pump, this slurry pumping equipment is designed to pump more gallows per gallon of diesel consumed. The Lagoon Feeder has several header pump options and can be run simultaneously when hooked up to any Puck lead pump.

The heavy-duty chassis is centered around the 10 inch delivery pipe for increased flows, and also has dualed road tires to make travel easy. Fitted with LightSpeed, the Puck Lagoon Feeder delivers more flow and better fuel efficiency throughout the entire pump-out of large lagoons.

Lagoon Feeder Features
  • Force feed your main pump
  • High flows throughout the entire lagoon-pumping process
  • Accommodates all flow levels
  • Easy operation and control through LightSpeed
  • Cornell pump offers high flow with high efficiency
  • Hydrostat system transfers horsepower to feeder pump, saving energy
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lagoon feeder in use on the shores of a lagoon


The Puck Lagoon Feeder adapts to all Puck lead pumps, attaching to the ForceFeed Trailer, Honey Badger and Warthog. Engineered based on Puck’s decades of pumping experience, this trailer features a hydraulic, submersible feeder pump that makes high, energy efficient flow a reality.

a lagoon feeder in use on the shores of a lagoon


The Lagoon Feeder is incredibly efficient, pumping more gallons per gallon of diesel fuel consumed. This lowers the cost of your operation and ensures you’re operating at top efficiency. The hydrostatic system transmits more horsepower to the feeder pump to bring you even more fuel savings.

a Puck Lagoon Feeder on the shore of a manure lagoon with a Puck agitation boat in the lagoon in the distance


LightSpeed is always watching the pump. Standard on every unit, this technology constantly adjusts the feeder and primary pumps to reach ideal performance levels and protects your investment with in-depth monitoring and data.

a Puck Lagoon Feeder in the manure lagoon and connected via hose to a Force Feed pump. a Puck agitation boat is in the background close to the shore


Engage the Lagoon Feeder from the field with LightSpeed, which is accessible from any connected device. This software allows you to monitor and control the Lagoon Feeder remotely, along with additional features that are useful for your application or farming operation.

Model Numbers Pump
LF 1367S 6NHTB
LF 10088NNWH
LF 2110S 10NNT
LF 2120SNuhn 20"
LF 1609S10NNWH