four banners in the Puck Manning lobby with the Family of Brands on each one, from left to right is LightSpeed, BullDog hose Company, Puck Enterprises, and U.S. Coupling. the overlaid title reads Puck Enterprises Acquires U.S. Coupling
May 22, 2020

Puck Enterprises Acquires U.S. Coupling; Strengthens Liquid Transfer Capabilities

Manning, IA (May 22, 2020) – Puck Enterprises, an industry-leading liquid transfer equipment manufacturer, announces the complete acquisition of U.S. Coupling & Accessories, Inc., a hose connection and fittings manufacturer. The announcement solidifies Puck Enterprises’ commitment to the liquid transfer industry in developing new solutions and bringing high-quality products to its customers.

This acquisition provides Puck Enterprises and BullDog Hose Company, a Puck subsidiary, with better control over their respective product lines. The merger will benefit the entire customer base, as the three companies will now be able to deliver premium products in a more effective and specialized manner. The highly talented U.S. Coupling team and leadership will remain unchanged at their headquarters in Dothan, Alabama.

“We had been long-standing customers of U.S. Coupling and our businesses really complement each other,” said Jeremy Puck, President, and CEO of Puck Enterprises. “U.S. Coupling doesn’t just bring the best couplings and fittings, they bring time savings, unrivaled machining capabilities, and they bring brilliant talent that will allow us all to continue advancing the markets that we both already serve.”

“This acquisition will provide U.S. Coupling a platform to really showcase its true potential as a manufacturer of liquid transfer hose connections, fittings, and accessories.,” adds Bob Gourlay, Vice President of U.S. Coupling & Accessories, Inc.

U.S. Coupling has captured great success in the hose connections and fittings world with its utilization of talented in-house engineers, the latest computer numerical control (CNC) machinery, and cutting-edge software and machining. The company’s fabrication methodology and vertically integrated manufacturing have propelled them forward in the agricultural, industrial, and firefighting markets.

Commenting on the opportunities this merger presents, Gourlay said, “This is all about opportunity. Opportunity for U.S. Coupling as a company, for its employees, for its customers, and most importantly to Puck. U.S. Coupling brings to Puck a technical manufacturing process that they never had before. It is my intention to exploit that process to create synergy for the group that Puck has assembled.”

Over the past forty years, Puck Enterprises has been changing the fluid delivery industry with ground-breaking technology and solutions. The addition of U.S. Coupling will provide Puck Enterprises more flexibility in developing new solutions that drive the industry forward. Many of the products that Puck produces relies upon high-quality hose couplings for liquid slurry and water transfer.

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About Puck Enterprises

Iowa-based Puck Enterprises has been at the forefront of creating innovative liquid transfer products and technology since 1979. Forty years later, Puck designs and manufactures world-class fluid transfer systems and products that have applications in a variety of industries. The company’s 140+ employees understand the importance of building equipment that moves industries forward and improves the lives of those who use it worldwide. 

About U.S. Coupling & Accessories Inc. 

Founded in 2004, U.S. Coupling & Accessories Inc. began manufacturing firefighting equipment and water transfer products for municipal and industrial firefighting markets. Today, U.S. Coupling produces unmatched liquid transfer hose connections, fittings, and accessories. The company’s product design, machining, finishing, and assembly process provides its markets of agriculture, industrial, and firefighting with products they can rely on.