September 13, 2022

Keeping You Cool When It Matters Most – BullDog’s Chiller Hose™

When chiller systems are deployed for any number of applications, they are mission critical for delivering continuous and reliable air conditioning at their assigned sites.  Hospital patients, students, soldiers, and numerous others are depending on these chillers for a comfortable recovery, living and working environment day after day – sometimes for 12 to 18 months on a given project. What is our chiller system for keeping you cool?

As an integral part of the total system, BullDog’s Chiller Hose™ helps make certain that these demanding operational requirements are met with an optimal lay-flat hose solution.  The fundamental lay-flat design enables significantly easier handling and dispatching when encountering time critical installations.  Further, the extreme abrasion resistance provides the endurance needed when utilized for extended periods of time.

The real difference in keeping you cool with the Chiller Hose

What’s the real difference?  Manufactured in the USA at our Angier, North Carolina plant, BullDog’s premium lay-flat thermoplastic extruded through the weave Chiller Hose™ is lightweight and flexible which translates to the easier handling needed.  The thermoplastic polyurethane also provides the exceptional abrasion as well as chemical resistance, and the high-strength woven reinforcement offers the high strength and flexibility needed for many rental chiller installations.  

Beyond chemical resistance, this same tough material is resistant to UV, ozone, weathering, and many other harmful environmental attacks or exposures that can potentially impact the service life of the hose.  This translates to years of long-lasting dependable use and makes certain the overall system performs as expected.  By the way, if needed, this includes long-term storage in coiled configurations which will have minimal impact on the ultimate life of our Chiller Hose™.

For more Chiller Hose information

To meet all your needs today, we can provide an integrated solution for new chiller applications as well as replacement hose for numerous existing systems in the field.  This includes multiple hose diameters and when needed, the required coupling hardware as well. For more information on BullDog’s Chiller Hose™, visit Chiller Hose™ - Industrial Hoses | BullDog Hose Company.

Photo courtesy of Daikin.