a field at sunset with an irrigation sprinkler over it and a clipped image of coiled Premium 200 hose from BullDog in the foreground with the overlaid title Premium 200 Irrigation Hose: The Answer to Reliable Irrigation
January 24, 2022

BullDog’s Premium 200 Irrigation Hose: The Answer to Reliable Irrigation

Irrigation is a crucial input for those that require its use. As infrequent weather makes it unreliable for crops to access water, irrigation should be a reliable source, right? The answer to that question depends on the equipment and irrigation method being used. In the case of traveler irrigation systems, the most important piece of equipment is the hose. A cheap hose that isn’t built for the task can be compromising to the health of crops and a grower’s bottom line.

What Makes a Great Traveler Irrigation Hose?

Known as a hose reel or traveling irrigation system, these irrigators deliver water to crops through a sprinkler gun connected to a flexible hose that is pulled behind the machine or through a hard hose. Hoses for these types of irrigation methods are continuously exposed to the elements, from being dragged over rough, abrasive terrain and natural obstacles such as rocks to being exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. A hose that is of inferior quality will prove to be costly to a grower.

Proper irrigation hoses need to stand up to the surrounding environment and need to be capable of handling the demands of traveling irrigation. This includes having lines that are kink-resistant (for a consistent flow) and capable of withstanding high working pressures year after year. For all of this, growers need a hose they can rely on, and that’s where BullDog Hose, a Puck brand, comes into the picture with its Premium 200® Irrigation Hose.

Why BullDog’s Premium 200 is the Best Solution

When growers depend on an irrigation hose that’s strong and reliable, they trust in the Premium 200 to get the job done. This is because of the hose’s numerous design and performance benefits. Built in the United States as a lay-flat hose with a specially designed nitrile rubber extruded-through-the-weave material, Premium 200 boasts a number of features such as:

  • Top-tier abrasion and cut resistance due to a premium rubber compound and heavy wall thickness
  • A special exterior rib pattern
  • High-tensile yarns promote low elongation and improved cut resistance
  • Long-term storage stability and working life
  • Unmatched kink resistance
  • Operating temperature range of – 36ºF to + 158ºF
  • Anti-burst technology with high tensile yarns in hose construction

There are plenty of inferior foreign-made irrigation hoses on the market. And while they might seem like a cheap solution upfront, they can cost a grower more in the long run. Trust in quality equipment truly matters in liquid transfer. Premium 200 delivers that and more.

Learn more about the Premium 200 Irrigation Hose and other agricultural hose solutions or contact a member of our sales team today.