a TTR 30 being pulled by a tractor with large-siameter, black hose with the overlaid title TTR 30 Hose Cart Product Launch
August 29, 2019

Puck Enterprises’ TTR-30 Hose Cart: Next Step in Dragline Innovation

MANNING, IOWA (August 29, 2019) – Puck Enterprises, a premier manufacturer of liquid transfer and manure application equipment, has established itself as a leader in building innovative manure application equipment. The company has recently unveiled the next step forward in hose cart technology with the Puck TTR-30. Streamlining dragline operations, the TTR-30 combines the proven performance of its current line of turn-table reels with new features that allow operators to maximize their time in the field.

Many of the standard components of Puck’s hose carts and turn-table reels have made the transition over to the TTR-30. Customers can expect the same tried and true domed reel ends that protect the hose, Arch Guard to keep hoses on the reel, hydraulically-articulated reel to wind hose side-to-side, and much more.

Where the real differences show is in TTR-30’s hose capacity capabilities. This turn-table can hold 22 lengths of 8-inch hose (2.75 miles) or 12 lengths of 10-inch hose (1.5 miles). Also, turning capacities were increased. Compared to TTR-20’s 120-degrees of rotation, TTR-30 will feature 140-degrees of turning. By expanding the product line, Puck offers a more capable lineup of turn-table reels that rivals the competition.

The new turn-table reel will make dragline operations much more efficient. Operators now can carry more hose on a single cart so they can move greater volumes of liquid, decrease downtime, and free up more resources.

“We are extremely proud to be able to offer the TTR-30 and expand our lineup of turn-table reels,” said Jeremy Puck, General Manager of Puck Enterprises. “At Puck, we are always looking to improve, innovative products that enhance the lives and performance of our customers. The TTR-30 does just that, and is built to lead in the field.”

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About Puck

Iowa-based Puck Enterprises has been at the forefront of creating innovative liquid transfer products and technology since 1979. Forty years later, Puck leads the liquid transfer industry. The company’s 140+ employees understand the importance of building equipment that moves industries forward and improves the lives of the people who use it around the world.