Quick Attack

Quickly set up fire suppression with a mobile attack platform using a Puck Quick Attack. Single or Dual monitors with remote control capabilities ensure firefighter safety. Get flow rates up to 4,000 gpm and up to 300 feet of straight stream from the TFT Monsoon nozzles. Take advantage of the capability to directly inject foam to your water supply for firefighting versatility.

Force Feed Trailer

Effective fire suppression begins at the source of water. Utilizing Puck Force Feed products, flowrates over 4,000 gpm are quickly and safely achieved without deploying floating submersible pumps and hydraulic lines. The trailer mounted FF4000-45 provides fast deployment of a 45’ boom and submersible pump in tight spaces to quickly establish water supply. The FF4000-45 provides a compact pumping solution with full control powered by Lightspeed technology.

Foam Tote Trailer

Puck Foam Tote Trailers efficiently incorporate foam concentrate and are built with quick foam tote change out features to minimize downtime of foam concentrate delivery. Puck Foam Tote trailers are built to handle both 275-gallon and 330-gallon IBC containers, allowing operational flexibility for foam concentrate delivery. Puck Foam Tote Trailers also feature a self-educting monitor and manifold for increased versatility of your foam concentrate delivery operations.

Aggressive Attack Line Firefighting Hose

Hi-Combat II leverages the latest firefighting hose technology to power aggressive interior combat operation. Its unique double-jacket hose design gives combat firefighters the performance, flexibility, and endurance to face the toughest challenges. A special weave, high-tech nylon-polyester outer jacket encases an inner lining consisting of a one-piece, extruded through-the-weave hose for optimum performance and reliability.

U.S. Coupling manufactures Storz suction hose couplings from 4” to 12”, and NH Threaded suction hose couplings from 2.5” to 8”. This U.S. Coupling Storz coupling is for ridged PVC suction hose.


Upon recognizing a market need for a fitting manufacturer to be responsive to the unique requirements of the equipment builders for large scale industrial firefighting equipment, U.S. Coupling has stepped into the role. Designing, manufacturing, and supplying lay-flat hose fittings and accessories for this specialist niche market with connections up to 12” in diameter.