three firefighters crouched and holding a Hi-Combat II hose in the entryway of a building as they put out a fire in training
April 5, 2021

What is the best Fire Fighting Hose? Municipal vs. Industrial

Fire fighting is one of the professions that keeps our nation thriving. But, fire departments around America have to select the best hoses every year. Budgets might change and the seasons grow warmer, but safety is of utmost importance. However, not every fire hose works the same due to the fires they have to fight. So, let's learn about the big differences between municipal and industrial fire hoses.

Municipal Fire Hoses

Municipal Fire Hoses are designed for fire fighting that requires kink resistance and critical water flow. Being lightweight is key, as these hoses often have to deal with shifting terrain and various on-the-job changes. While older and more standard municipal fire hoses are maximized for normal wear and tear, what about the specialty hoses?

There are a variety of municipal fire hoses on the market to solve any problem your fire department or town might be facing. Need hoses to be more cost conscious, solutions are available. What about municipal hoses needed to reach high rise or raised angle structures? There are fire hoses for that as well.

Pumping to high-rise buildings in cities vs. rural settings is also a concern faced by these same municipal fire hoses. Depending on the structures you protect, you will need to consult with your hose supplier to find out which one works the best for you.

Industrial Fire Hoses

Industrial Fire Hoses pack a little more punch than the typical municipal fire hose. They feature far superior heat and abrasion resistance. Plus, they tend to be able to support issues concerning oil, fuel and chemicals far greater than the typical municipal fire hose. The industrial fire hoses tend to be flexible and lightweight as well. These fire hoses also tend to be optimized to be maintenance free. While that doesn't mean you won't have to take care of industrial fire hoses, it means maintenance demands will be fewer. The practical uses of the industrial fire hoses remain the same in theory. You're going to transfer liquid, washdown areas and generally solve problems.

However, municipal fire hoses belong to the typical mental image you have day-to-day fire fighting. Meanwhile, industrial fire hoses are used on air strips, military bases, heavy industrial factories and related business areas.

Fire Hose Reliable and Optimal - Hi-Combat and RedSkin

What kind of fire fighting hose are you going to need?

As time marches on deeper into the year and your budget deadline grows close, you will have to address your fire fighting needs. No one wants to be the person that reaches for a fire hose only not have it be suited for the purpose at hand. Whether you're outfitting your local rural fire department or keeping an auto plant safe, you must know the differences between municipal and industrial fire hoses.

Is there really a best fire fighting hose?

Well, it depends on the environment and overall purpose. Industrial fire hoses can fight all sorts of fires started by various things, but they do this in fixed environments.

Municipal fire hoses save towns money. They also are ready to suction water out of unusual water resources. Then, there is the method of actual dispersing the fire.

A municipal fire hose extinguishes a fire with limited structural damage and loss of life. The industrial fire fighting hose keeps fire from accelerating. Stopping the acceleration means it doesn't spread to other structures that might combust in a short amount of time. The power in an industrial fire hose will keep a plane from exploding, but it also can punch holes in an unstable wall during a house fire.

In the end, the best fire hose is determined by the purpose and the individual. Explore the full inventory of hoses from BullDog Hose Company to find a hose that's right for you.