US Coupling manifolds
October 11, 2022

US Coupling – The “Go To” Supplier for Large Diameter Industrial Fire Hardware

Founded nearly 20 years ago, US Coupling specializes in computerized numerical control (CNC) machined and customized fittings (from couplings to wyes, flanges, and manifolds). This precision hardware is for multiple vocational markets including worldwide industrial firefighting (aka “Big Water”) that demands rugged high-performance in the most extreme conditions.

Based in a dedicated 50,000 sq. ft. plant in Dothan, Alabama, US Coupling has the facilities, equipment, and personnel to engineer and manufacture to your exact requirements. All laser cutting, machining, anodizing, fabrication, and assembly are done in-house by skilled craftspeople. They are committed to product excellence and the mission critical applications for customers around the world. 

With expertise around building full bore diameters (including up to 12-inches) to reduce friction loss, US Coupling has become the “go to” manufacturer when large diameter firefighting fittings and accessories are needed on a global basis. In doing so, extreme care is even exercised with supply chain partners to make certain that the best metal alloy sources are incorporated for top-quality and timely delivery.

For projects located in Texas; India; Saudi Arabia; Egypt; Turkey; The Netherlands; and many more, US Coupling has engineered and crafted numerous pieces of industrial firefighting hardware to meet the unique needs for each client. A few examples of the most recent jobs include the following:

  • 10-inch fire hydrant horizontal manifolds. Each manifold had OS&Y gate valves and Storz outlets: one (1) 8-inch outlet and two (2) 6-inch outlets per manifold.
  • Specially designed and manufactured 12” Storz high pressure couplings utilized on 12-inch hose with a burst pressure of 767 PSI (52.9 bar).
  • Engineered and produced multiple gated wyes with one (1) 6-inch Storz inlet X two (2) 6-inch Storz outlets utilizing butterfly valves.
  • Produced and delivered 12-inch aluminum butterfly valves with Victaulic groove X Storz jumbo wyes one (1) 12-inch X two (2) 6-inch.
  • Multiple pieces of 12-inch ANSI flanges X Storz with 12-inch Storz caps. 

While the above is short list of most current specialized orders for customers, as they have done for countless others during nearly two decades, US Coupling tailors products to your unique and mission critical demands. By the way, this may include relatively smaller diameter couplings as well! US Coupling will be pleased to evaluate and meet your requests including for other vocational markets or applications. Connect with US Coupling at