US Coupling metal craftmanship
December 20, 2022

U.S. Coupling – Metal Fabricating Craftsmanship  

The fabricating and machining of custom metal fittings, adapters, couplings, and more, has seemed to become a lost art in the United States. One product of Puck Enterprises, U.S. Coupling, which is headquartered in Dothan, Alabama has not lost sight of the craftsmanship of this industry. 

Why do you need Metal Fabricating Craftsmanship?

Knowing the need for and importance of having optimized high-water flow and slurry transfer, particularly in conjunction with large diameter lay-flat hose. U.S. Coupling’s foundational competencies are crafting specialized metal parts, accessories, and components that competitors do not for our global consumers involved with agriculture. With continuous investment in facilities and new equipment, U.S. Coupling now has sixteen CNC machines that enable the agility and flexibility to adapt to unique customer requirements with their specific applications.  

Not only is U.S. Coupling’s custom metal manufacturing done in Dothan, Alabama, all the aluminum extrusions and aluminum castings are sourced from within the United States. This enables tight quality control with critical raw materials, as well as minimal supply chain disruptions to be able to meet customer delivery requirements. 

Another key element of process control, U.S. Coupling has aluminum anodization capability onsite that can meet stringent mil-spec demands. This turnkey in house operation minimizes dependencies on external sources to retain control of product integrity and delivery commitments for customers.  

Learn more about U.S. Coupling

While based in the United States, U.S. Coupling’s business model perspective is global. For years, U.S. Coupling has provided metal accessories for mission specific water-flow vocations in numerous countries and regions of the world. From Europe to Asia, U.S. Coupling is no stranger to satisfying clients with tailored large diameter couplings, manifolds, etc. that enable them to achieve the high-performance water and slurry transfer capabilities for industrial sites.  

More value added, U.S. Coupling can partner with another operation of Puck Enterprises, BullDog Hose Company, located in Angier, North Carolina, to provide a completely integrated system solution to meet the specific demands of a given customer application. The combined expertise in coupling and top-quality USA produced lay-flat hose allows clients to have a “one stop shop” for moving large volumes of liquids.

This can be extended further more with U.S. Coupling’s parent company, Puck Enterprises, located in Manning, Iowa, ability to provide high-capacity hose reel trailers for the deployment and recovery of several miles of coupled hose, as well as trailer mounted large flow booster pumps to aid in efficiently moving fluids.  

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