an oil field in the background and in the foreground is a clipped image of a donut coiled GASyn-CHEM hose from BullDog with the coupler facing out with the overlaid title GASyn-Chem Industrial Hose
July 12, 2022

The Ultimate Lay-Flat Industrial Wash-Down Hose: BullDog’s GASyn-Chem®

The next time you need a rock-solid wash-down solution for your facilities and operations (indoor or outdoor) look no further than BullDog Hose with its GASyn-Chem® lay-flat hose.

Engineered with the properties of a heavy-duty rubber hose, GASyn-Chem® combines a durable and abrasion resistant nitrile/PVC rubber cover and inner liner with a 100% synthetic circular woven fabric via an extruded through the weave construction method.

The one-piece construction will not delaminate and it resists fuels, oils, chemicals, mildew, and rot. With a working pressure to 300 PSI, it’s tough enough to endure whatever environment you have!

Is it lightweight?

Available in 1.5-inch and 2.5-inch diameters, GASyn-Chem® is lightweight for easy handling as well as compact for easy storage. Resistant to not only heat and ozone, from an operator’s perspective, it is also kink resistant to simplify daily routines. 

Plus, the wash-down hose is maintenance-free and easy to clean. All the hassles and headaches from other conventional hose solutions are eliminated. It’s something your crews will really appreciate – and one less thing for them to lose valuable productive time!

For added peace of mind, GASyn-Chem is ULC Listed and has a 2-year warranty as standard. Additionally, factory-installed couplings can be provided in 50-ft.; 75-ft.; and 100-ft. lengths. Manufactured entirely at BullDog’s plant in Angier, North Carolina, you can have the confidence in “American Made Tough” products as well as the hard-working people behind them.

To learn more, contact a sales team member to learn how the GASyn-Chem hose can help your specific operation.