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November 9, 2021

Top Five Revolutionary LightSpeed Features

When you’re out on the job, having the right tools makes all the difference between getting the job done and getting it done right. For pump operators managing a complex system of pumping equipment, automation and control tools help bridge that difference. That’s where Puck’s innovative LightSpeed pump control platform comes into the picture. Designed to revolutionize the way pumping liquids is accomplished, LightSpeed is filled with revolutionary features and comes standard on all Puck pumps. The Puck team will touch on just five of the most critical LightSpeed functions that transform how pumping is done. 

1. Real-Time Pump Control

LightSpeed software is designed to be an easy-to-use platform that allows you to manage the pump systems anywhere at any time. The real-time functionalities of this system mean that you can change parameters as you see fit with the touch of a finger. This control and information relay happens rapidly, as LightSpeed communicates six times per second. From starting and stopping pumps to opening and closing gates, you decide the best approach to the job at hand.

Each panel can use cellular and wifi connections to communicate and relay information to you and provides an access point for computers and cellular devices. The system is not tied to any specific cellular carrier, so you can use a provider that suits your needs whether you are a user in the U.S. or internationally. Puck does offer satellite options as well.

2. Monitoring From Anywhere

With this system, you’re able to take a look at the performance of your pump set up on the go, wherever you are. From keeping tabs on the flow rate, pressures, pit level, engine temperatures, and countless other important parameters, LightSpeed helps ensure that your system of pumps is functioning at its best. The process of monitoring the entire system works in the same way as pump control, utilizing your desired cellular or wifi connections. 

3. Programmed Feeder Pump Protection

Maintaining pump pressures is essential for ensuring the pump doesn’t reach minimum or maximum limits that may damage the feeder pumps. LightSpeed will automatically adjust the feeder pump RPM speed to maintain constant pressure on the primary pumps. Overall, this means that the operator will be able to transport liquid in a smoother, safer manner. This leads to more efficient and effective pumping. LightSpeed will work with both electric and hydraulic feeder pumps. 

4. Auto-Throttle 

Auto-Throttle controls the throttle on your pump automatically by monitoring inlet and outlet pressure and causing the engine to react based on the parameters you set.  Auto-Throttle essentially allows you the flexibility to let your pump take care of itself. It is also a great alternative when you may be experiencing a weak cellular signal or no signal at all. 

If your pump is equipped with a flow meter, the control system will monitor flow and target a specific flow rate determined by the operator. It is also equipped with shutdown alarms that may be turned off or on that will send the engine to low idle and even shut the outlet gate if you so desire.

5. Detailed Diagnostics & Maintenance Records

Not only does LightSpeed help you ensure the flow of liquid stays within parameters, but it also allows you to do a deep dive into the inner workings of each pump with diagnostic information and maintenance records. You can check on the condition of items such as fuses, relays, sensors, and more. 

To assist in keeping track of important maintenance markers, LightSpeed logs hours on the engine oil, air filter, hydraulic filter pump gearbox, and even when you last changed other parts. Altogether, this allows you to keep tabs on when service is needed and when warning lights appear. 

For more information about Puck’s LightSpeed Control System, contact a member of our sales team today.