the exterior of the PCE International building in Croatia with the overlaid title US Ambassador to Croatia Visits PCE International
April 12, 2016

The US Ambassador in Croatia visits PCE International

The US Ambassador in Croatia, Ms. Julieta Valls Noyes visited the PCE International facility in Osijek, during the official US Embassy visit to successful companies in the Eastern Region of Croatia. Ms. Valls Noyes was really pleased overall with the background of the development process of PCE International since 2008.

Ms. Valls Noyes expressed her satisfaction with the fact that a family business from the US develops the products that can fulfill demands in this part of the world through the company owned by themselves as US citizens –the owners are Mr. Ben Puck and his son Mr. Jeremy Puck.

Ms. Valls Noyes also mentioned that the process of the PCE Company development can be a great example for future intention of the TTIP development process (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), by introducing the PCE Company as an example or model for future processes that some other Companies with the same intention of business development in this region, can have.

During the meeting, the representatives of PCE International expressed their great appreciation for the US Ambassador to visit the PCE Facility, and expressed their strong willingness for future collaboration on market development in wider regions of Europe and Asia through PCE International activities in Croatia.

Posted on Twitter, April 12, 2016
From the U.S. Embassy Zagreb