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Pump school taught us a lot—a lot on safety, what to do, and what not to do. Every time I’ve gone, I learned something new. Being able to talk to the newer pumpers there, just learning from them and the different Puck employees from anywhere on the production to the pumping side, they’re all there to help support you.

– Brain Frost, Frosty’s Dragline

The Agi-Boom made my fuel consumption go down by 20% and making my business much more versatile with being able to pull it with the pickup and get out ahead of the tank or dragline and start stirring or get setup for the tank! These are more than worth the money! It’s my go to pump anymore and I have 2 nuhns and 2 houles that now sit!”

– Brandon Schnieders

Can’t thank them enough for the pump school experience. Kevin and I can’t wait to grow our business with this company A+ training and very knowledgeable staff.”

– Christy M Tyo

Very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.”

– Kevin Tyo

Very good company! Learned a lot at pump school this week. Thanks again.”

– Rob DeJeu

Bullet-blazing action and time-saving satisfaction. Two Thumbs Up. 10/10.”

– Dillon Bodermann

Hose carts and Manure Equipment are the best you will ever need!”

– Sam Thom

Big boy toys built by big boys for big boys……gotta love that!”

– Helen Ernst Tyo

Congratulations on 40 years in business; your company is an awesome asset to the Manning community!”

– Jean Voege

Congratulations on 40 years of innovation and building relationships. I love the story of your company and the value you place, not only on your products, but your people as well. Cheers to 40 more years!”

– Natalie Forke

Unbelievable, that is some nice looking high-quality equipment. Best liquid moving equipment in the nation. ? Keep up the innovative work.”

– Stephan Ben

We had a great time touring on Friday. Thanks Ben and Kathy for the visit and lunch. What a success story built on problem solving and hard work. The comment on climate change still resonates with me. We worry about what’s above the ground but don’t spend much time thinking about what we’re doing below ground. Ask Ben about the nutrients in our soil and what it does to our water. That’s why this business is so successful. They see a problem and they figure out how to fix it. And they are great supporters of the Manning community. Thanks again to Ben, Kathy and all of the crew at Puck.”

– Freda Dammann

Great tour! Very impressive company! Great bunch of employees! We are indeed lucky to have you here!”

– Connie Blum

Thank you for being a part of the Manning community. Your production facilities & products are amazing!

– Jean Voege

Congrats you have done a remarkable job and have given so much back to this community we appreciate all of you and the hard work ethic you show.”

– Pam Colling

Congratulations!!! Amazing company! Manning Community are so proud of Puck Enterprises, Inc.!!!”

– Lisa Dreier

We are also pretty pumped with our Puck gear up here in Alberta!”

– Matthieu Landry