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Soil Nutrition Through Proper Application – Puck Equipment, Challenge Solved!

When using manure as fertilizer, finding the right tool for application can have a big impact on the crop’s ability to absorb nutrients, along with impacting overall soil health. That’s where Puck Equipment’s expertise with Applicators and Toolbars makes all the difference!

Because every situation is unique and every field is different, Puck offers a complete arsenal of products that will allow you to be aggressive or more subtle in the field.  In the manure pumping and application industry, we realize there isn’t one tool that can do it all, that’s why Puck offers options that can work over several application rates.  Paired with our knowledge from actual use in the field, we can find the right toolbar to fit any operation. 

Puck knows that with any tillage on the farm, the goal is to maximize the effectiveness and minimize any unnecessary disturbance that otherwise wastes valuable machinery horsepower.  Therefore, it’s our objective to pair customers with the appropriate row unit to get the job done.

For higher application rates, Puck offers a stout frame fitted with ripper shanks for application deep enough to inject 20,000 gallons/acre (or more!) depending on soil conditions.  Because of the horsepower needed, ripper bars are built narrower than other bars but are still compatible with Puck’s 4WD Swinger. 

For application rates of 4,000 to 15,000 gallons/acre, a less aggressive row unit on a sturdy toolbar is needed for the job. In the right conditions, our Dietrich toolbars can apply relatively lower rates and make the field appear clean or still manage tough soil by injecting higher gallons as needed. Covering different ground conditions and applying different rates, a Dietrich toolbar is a great toolbar to have as an asset in any fleet.

As manure becomes more valuable (for a higher nitrogen concentration per gallon), application rates tend to lower, and the number of acres covered will increase.  So, for our lower application rates, Puck offers a rolling Coulter Torsion Flex toolbar that manages higher ground speeds while creating a means for manure to enter the soil profile.  While using a wavy Coulter to open the soil (for low soil disturbance) and still using less horsepower from the tractor, Puck’s Torsion Flex row unit eliminates wear points by utilizing torsion bars. 

Puck toolbars can be configured to fit the operation, the field conditions and the equipment being deployed.  All the Puck row units mentioned can be mounted and operated with a Puck Swinger installed on a 4WD tractor.  This offers a way to detach from the toolbar and use the tractor in other areas of the operation if needed. 

No matter the configuration, Puck toolbars will be built to complete the task at hand.  Our bar-mounted Swingers are fitted with an industry leading Krohne flowmeter.  Moreover, Puck Swingers are engineered to execute big sets, and our row units can be selected for the right application.  Finally, Puck Swingers (also with a Krohne flowmeter) can be fitted on most articulating tractors and offer a different view in manure application while making maneuvering easier throughout the field for a clean overall appearance.

If you’re on the fence about toolbars, or if you have decided on the one you want, contact us and we would more than pleased to assist.  For more information, visit our website Applicators – Puck or contact our sales team via About Us – Puck