R4H8RX Marines with Bulk Fuel Company, 9th Engineer Support Battalion, 3rd Marine Logistics Group, unreel a fuel hose from the back of a Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement 7-ton truck during fuel support operations training Oct. 2, 2018 at Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan. The Marines unrolled the hose to connect the fuel site and the fuel pump to distribute water, which is used during training evolutions instead of fuel, through the lines. The bulk fuel specialists assembled fuel sites at Camp Hansen in order to practice fueling support operations for upcoming exercises and deployments.
November 10, 2022

Severe Duty Military Hose with “Bite” and Muscle Too!

For decades, based on an incredible field-proven performance track record, BullDog Hose Company has supplied numerous products, including military hose, to the United States military or defense market.  This holds true even today - and for the future as well!

From a logistics and in theater field asset perspective, as one example, BullDog Hose has an outstanding reputation with their Fuel Hose products.  This is absolutely critical for proper and reliable fuel resupply to all land-based vehicles; ocean vessels or ships; and aircraft including helicopters.

Meet our lay-flat military hose

BullDog’s Fuel Hose is a lay-flat military hose designed specifically for the transfer of fuel. Incorporating copper bonding wires and meeting MIL-PRF-370 Type C, it’s a trusted fuel-delivery hose for all branches of the military. To further achieve this, our Fuel Hose features a through-the-weave, one-piece construction, with a circular woven high tenacity polyester reinforcement totally encapsulated in a tough elastomeric polyurethane cover and lining.

Additionally, BullDog’s fueling hose is designed for long-term usage and maintenance-free service in the toughest environments.  As an example, in one of the harshest environments possible, this military-grade hose has been in service for more than 25 years.  Manufactured in the USA at our Angier, North Carolina operations, this fuel delivery hose also enables quick and efficient transport of other liquids (including wastewater or dewatering).  In military situations, this rapid flexibility with liquid transport pays and keeps logistical operations flowing smoothly.

Long continuous lengths can be quickly deployed and retrieved using a wide variety of systems including light duty trailers, flaking boxes, and power-driven reels.  To this end, our parent company (Puck Enterprises) has a variety of rugged hose reel carts and heavy-duty reel capabilities to customize a lay-flat hose reel system that meets unique requirements for the military sector.  Moreover, through U.S. Coupling (another Puck Enterprises manufacturing company in Dothan, Alabama), a wide variety of hose coupling solutions are available for large diameter configurations.

Another great product for military applications is BullDog’s Aqua Guard™ potable water hose which is a premium flexible lay-flat product designed to provide critical drinking water to remote locations. American-made, Aqua Guard™ is NSF61 certified and as with Fuel Hose, features a unique through-the-weave one piece construction comprising a circular woven high tenacity polyester reinforcement totally encapsulated in a tough elastomeric polyurethane cover and lining.

Like Fuel Hose, BullDog’s Aqua Guard™ is also designed for a long life and maintenance-free service in even the harshest environments.  Plus, high flexibility and kink resistance allows natural ground contours to be followed without putting stress on the line and eliminates path cutting work.

Beyond fuel and water supply, BullDog Hose Company has the toughest military hose products available for everything from firefighting (i.e. Hi-Combat II and Hi-Vol®) to our exceptionally tough Chiller Hose for use in cooling applications with mobile field hospitals; remote housing or shelters; and more.

For more complete product information visit Industrial & Fire Hose Manufacturer | BullDog Hose Company or Military Hose - Industrial Hose | BullDog Hose Company today! 

Additionally, you can email us at bulldogsales@bulldoghose.com on specific requirements for your given duty or application!