ripper toobar in use behind a tractor in a field
June 21, 2023

Ripper Toolbar Product Overview

Inspired by our experience in the field, Puck drag hose applicators add efficacy and efficiency to any manure injection operation. With increased width for increased flow, efficient manure application starts with Puck toolbars. We offer a variety of toolbars in the manure industry with varying application rates, from finishing bar manure to dairy. Depending on what kind of tillage you’re comfortable with, Puck toolbars will disturb and distribute more manure down into the furrow.

backside view of the mechanical distributor and hoses of a Ripper Toolbar

Among the Puck toolbar lineup is the Ripper Toolbar. The 30 foot ripper bar has DMI shanks on 30 inch spacings and is a little more rugged through the field, with more aggressive shanks. It also has interchangeable sweeps to accommodate more gallons in the field. On the end of each tube is the PCE splash plate, which helps guide the manure down into the furrow. Additionally, the extended tubes support any trash going through the field.

As is standard with all Puck toolbars, the Ripper has a mechanical distributor that allows it to kick the trash around one more time with some cutting action to make sure you have even flow throughout the tubes. The Ripper also has a positive control hydraulic gate on the bottom side to flush out any trash that may get in through the hose. Z pipes, compatible with Puck’s four wheel drive mounted swingarm setup, are another standard on our toolbars. This swingarm can be put on an articulated tractor.

The hitches  on these toolbars are going to accommodate three wide or four narrow. Puck can also accommodate for a four wide if needed. The Rippers have the same robust pinning and hookups that we have on all Puck toolbars. Puck’s Ripper Toolbars have a heavier chassis and frame, so each one has more gusseting and a lot of bracing. This ensures that manure applicators can easily get in on the hard — and sometimes frozen — ground.

The Ripper toolbars are made with a six-inch steel mainframe throughout, which makes it heavier and more rugged than other Puck toolbars. The six by six frame extends all the way to the wing. The adaptable widths and folding bars make road transportation and storage with the Ripper Toolbar easy and convenient. We want our equipment to make your job easier — and that includes storing and transporting it.

Whether you’re looking for something to go on a 4WD tractor or you want something with a front wheel assist, Puck has a toolbar for your specific liquid transfer operation needs. For more information on the Ripper Toolbar, check out the product flyer or product overview video. You can also contact a member of our sales team to learn how Puck toolbars can assist your operation.