Revolution Equipment Rentals Testimonial; Scimitar pump in action at waterside in Texas
May 2, 2023

Revolution Equipment Rental: Custom Manufacturing Testimonial

Innovation drives Puck to continue to set the standards of performance that we’ve established with over 40 years of service. To meet the needs of customers, Puck goes above and beyond what they need today to serve them in the future. Sometimes that means custom manufacturing and designing. When long-time customer John Novotny had an idea, Puck Enterprises was thrilled to be able to bring it to life.

Hailing from the oil & gas industry in Texas, John thought that a twin engine variable RPM parallel centrifugal pump unit could be a boon to his business, Revolution Equipment Rental. However, this is not something typically done within the industry because it is so difficult to achieve. “When I brought the idea to Jeremy [Puck] at first, he thought I was crazy and then he thought about it for a few minutes and said ‘yeah we can do that,’” recalls John. Jeremy and John, along with the team of engineers at Puck Enterprises, worked together to custom manufacture a new pump. This unit is named the Scimitar; a twin engine parallel centrifugal pump all on one trailer.

Bringing an Idea to Life

The concept began in May of 2022. Just seven months later the first Scimitar was rolling out of the Manning, Iowa facility. “I don’t know of another project or another company that would be capable of doing that in such a short period of time,” says John. As it was the first of its kind, John’s pride in the Scimitar is obvious. “We put together a design, created a prototype, did proof of concept, and watched it work almost seamlessly. The planning process and putting together was unparalleled as far as preparation and design goes and that’s all because of Puck’s capability here and his team of engineers.”

The ingenuity of the first pump of its kind was not lost on John’s customers. The first customer who heard about the Scimitar put in an order for all five of the units made for the year before they ever left the manufacturing floor. John wasn’t shocked at how quickly the new equipment sold out, since he’s been working with Puck’s equipment for years and knows that its performance is more than proven itself. “One of the great things about Puck’s equipment is that it’s so well built you don’t have to worry about reliability,” says John. “Everything that we’ve had built [at Puck Enterprises] in the past is still out and working. The equipment that we bought 10-11 years ago for the upstream oil and gas is still out there working with almost no maintenance or repair needed. The reliability of the equipment and the manufacturing process [at Puck] is second to none.”

The Reliability of Puck Products

The equipment at Puck isn’t the only thing that is reliable. The standard LightSpeed control system allows you to wirelessly control valves and gates from any connected device in real-time. Operators can stay a safe distance from the equipment and still have complete control of the operation. This software has been engineered, perfected, and implemented over the last 15 years to give operators complete control at their fingertips. “To me that is a giant difference and differentiator between Puck and the rest of the industry as far as how they work,” says John.

That reliability in the field is something Puck Enterprises takes immense pride in. “Jeremy still has the first hose cart he ever built; [he] was able to buy it back several years ago—and we’re talking about 1979—and that piece of equipment is still in the yard, still 100% operable,” notes John. “That’s not because it was babied and wiped down with soft rags and diapers, every day it went out and worked for 30 years and then came back,” he adds. “That fact alone tells me what I need to know about the reliability and durability of Puck equipment.”

Puck's Custom Manufacturing

Puck’s custom manufacturing is part of what makes Puck the leader in innovation and proven performance. “Being willing to take on a concept and help develop it for a customer, I think, is an extreme example of how innovative Puck and the guys here are,” says John. “It’s been an amazing experience. Jeremy is one of the most honest guys I’ve ever met and one of the most innovative guys I’ve ever met, and when you put that together that’s a powerful force.”

Find out what Puck’s custom manufacturing can do for your operation and contact a member of our sales team today. You can also speak to a sales team member by calling us directly at (712) 655-9200.