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October 17, 2023

Reicks View Farms Testimonial

Founded in 1979 by Dale and Laura Reicks, Reicks View Farms has grown through the years. It's become a top quality pork producer making 468,000 tons of feed each year. This family farm has over 300 employees and 130 production partners located in Jerico, Iowa. The scale of Reicks View Farms requires efficient pumping equipment to get the job done each season.

Discovering Puck

Josh Geiselhart, Manure Operations Manager of Reicks View, heard about Puck Enterprises many years ago. He came to Manning to see if Puck would have the pumps they needed to get the job done. Josh was surprised to find that they had already exceeded his expectations of pumping equipment. Impressed, Josh told his boss, Dale, that he needed to meet with Ben and Jeremy Puck.

“At the time, we were talking about taking old semis and taking the motors and frames and putting pumps in them,” recalls Josh. But after seeing the first of the Puck pumps with 8” booms, Josh knew they had to have Puck equipment. “When we left there, we had a new lead pump, a new booster pump, two hose reels, a new AGI pump, and a whole new meaning of pumping manure.”

Among Puck’s innovative equipment, the boom system stands out to Josh the most as a unique and beneficial feature. “Going from trying to struggle to get hoses into the pit with a pit pal to just running some hydraulics and having a boom that just goes over and into the pit — and you don’t get dirty! You just run hydraulic arms, who doesn’t want to do that?”

After their initial purchase with Puck, Reicks View Farms kept an eye on Puck’s innovation. “When they came out with these new AGI pumps, we had to have the first one,” says Josh. “I was so excited. I’ve been pumping since ‘04 or ‘05, and this was in 2016. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to have one. Why would you want a tractor and a pump when you can just pull something behind a pickup and run hydraulics?”

A Few of Their Favorite Things

The ease of use and increased safety of Puck equipment eases the burden of manure applicators and pumpers when hiring new employees. “That’s been really revolutionary for us. We do all sow unit; nurseries, finishes, all confinement barns. It’s made our world so much easier. It’s easy to train people how to use them,” says Josh. For an ever-growing family farm like Reicks View, this aspect is an added bonus. 

Riecks' full line of Puck equipment has required minimal maintenance over the years. Josh remains impressed with the robust and original products from Puck. “The booms have been one of the best things I’ve seen since I’ve started pumping — and still to this day!” Innovation drives Puck to continue to set the standards of performance that we’ve established with over 40 years of service. With each new product Puck releases, we show our customers why we are the leader in innovation.

To learn more about Reicks View Farms, you can check them out on social media or watch our video testimonial with Josh. To learn how Puck equipment can help your manure operation, contact a member of our sales team or call us at (712) 655-9200.