an orange-tinted image of firefighters using a red hose to spray water on a fire. in the foreground, a red, coiled hose is in the right corner and the BullDog Hose Company logo is in the top left corner. across the bottom read the words Redskin/Blueskin Industrial Firehose
August 16, 2022

Industrial Firehose for Your Plant

For your in-plant industrial firefighting requirements, look no further than the Redskin/Blueskin lay-flat hose. Lightweight, flexible, and extremely durable, Redskin/Blueskin's design is for specific use with the multiple hazards in plant facilities and is available in two colors.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL Solutions)- and FM Global-approved (1.5-inch and 2.5-inch diameters), Redskin® features a unique through-the-weave, one-piece construction that will not delaminate. The synthetic reinforcement is totally encased in a nitrile-rubber cover and lining which is resistant to fuels, oils, and chemicals. This dependable, industrial fire hose is specifically engineered for the rigorous demands of facilities around the world.

With fast deployment and retrieval, Redskin® has lower friction loss, which translates to higher flow rates and greater pumping distances. For handling ease, the nitrile-rubber cover eliminates additional weight issues caused by water pick-up during use and greatly increases abrasion resistance, providing a long service life. Additionally, the hose is designed to resist cracking, mildew, and rot. That’s not only instilling confidence, but also saving you money on this critical element to your industrial fire protection system!

Meets Firehose Specifications

Of course, as you should expect, Redskin® meets or exceeds specifications for heat and kink resistance – both being so important in this application. Due to the materials used in the hose construction, there is less maintenance for your plant staff so they can focus on day-to-day production generating revenue for your business. With this superior lay-flat firehose, there is simply no drying time required. This eliminates non-value-added time at your manufacturing site. With this hose, you can just wash and store after use!

Manufactured 100% in BullDog’s plant in Angier, North Carolina, Redskin/Blueskin® is backed by decades of technical product expertise. The hard-working personnel not only stand behind the product but stand with you on the front lines. Their commitment to you is no less than the commitment you have to protecting people and assets in your operation!

For more information on the Redskin/Blueskin® industrial fire hose, contact a sales team member today.