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February 7, 2023

Pump Care Tips for Cold Weather

Cold weather is hard on equipment, Puck has discovered ways through experience and feedback from our customer base on how to keep equipment in good operational condition. Here are some pump care tips to keep your pumps working efficiently in cold weather.

TIP 1:

Through the course of the day your pump will pick up condensation. Water and oil do not mix therefore the water will go to the bottom of the tank in your reservoir. If there is water going to the bottom of the tank, it is important to drain your reservoir each night to prevent water from freezing. When water freezes in your pump it can push out your mechanical seal, damaging your pump.

TIP 2:

Another important cold weather care tip for your equipment is to add antifreeze in the hydraulic oil reservoir. This will help prevent equipment from freezing and aid in preventing the mechanical seal from breaking. Lastly, open the outlet gate and spin the pump to ensure there is no liquid in the bottom of the pump each evening. Assuring there is no liquid in the bottom of the pump is important to prevent the liquid from freezing which could prevent your engine from starting on the mounted pump and/or could shatter the volute.

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