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Puck’s Bauer Toolbar is an innovative manure applicator designed to tackle tough conditions and bring you results in the field. It has a large width that brings increased flow, allowing you to slow down the tractor without sacrificing time. Puck teamed up with Bauer Built Manufacturing to produce a 45-foot applicator with easier turns in the ground and on the end rows, more travel per row and less maintenance. The durable applicator, developed through the combination of Bauer Built’s years of toolbar experience with the DB planter line and Puck’s expertise in manure application, leads the way forward in manure application technology.
  • Torsion flex swivel row units
  • Sealed closer bearing
  • Oil bath main opener
  • 3 distributers with individual dump gates
  • 8” swingers with 8” flow meter
  • Sealed swingarm bearings
  • Front-fold double 4x6 bar
  • 12.5’ transport width
  • Hydraulic fold for swingers and bar eliminated need to get out and change axle pins
  • 80 series flotation tires
  • LCD bar control
  • Individual wing tip control for easy turn-around with coulters in the ground
  • Frame built by Bauer Built, which has over 20 years of toolbar experience

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