Puck’s Pump School – Expertise Delivered Today For Use Tomorrow

Puck has been the industry leader in dairy and swine manure pumping services and equipment manufacturing for more than 40 years. Their mission of creating wealth and quality of life for their customers broadens that scope into education, which is equally as important as the equipment they build. This vision is why Puck Pump School was originated in 2011.

While there are no diplomas or degrees offered in this segment of the industry, Puck’s continuous research and development into the best practices and products in the field equates to a PhD level of experience. In the classroom, this translates to invaluable knowledge for customers and non-customers alike.

Throughout the program, Puck Pump School engages participants in interactive, real-life scenarios and exercises while covering product information and usage tips. The Puck team helps with the application of the math and science involved to assist applicators with optimizing performance and maximizing the economics of their operation.   

The value of Puck Pump School goes beyond that certificate; it brings even more knowledge and expertise to the services these custom application companies provide to their customers and generates more revenue for owners. 

Core subjects covered by the seasoned instructors at Puck Pump School include:

  • Ideal application processes
  • Avoiding cavitation
  • Calculating friction loss
  • Reading pump curves
  • Leveraging technology
  • Safety in operations
  • Proper planning and crew utilization

For more information on enrolling in a Puck Pump School, contact our team today (Sales Team – Puck) and learn more about this topic at Pump School – Puck.