a man looking at the LightSpeed control panel on the side of a pump trailer with the overlaid title Puck's LightSpeed System Built to Lead Amid Tech Startup
February 15, 2019

Puck’s LightSpeed™ System Built To Lead Amid Technology Shakeup

Puck Enterprises has been an industry leader in developing innovative pump controls since the advent of its first system in 2007. Cellular networks that the control panels utilize are moving away from 3G towards the faster 4G connection. Puck’s LightSpeed™ touch screen platform is built to be unaffected by this change. Older, pre-2014, models will need to be upgraded, and Puck is prepared to help customers with updates.

Safety is the number one reason Puck Enterprises created its first system 12 years ago. This was done to ensure that pumps could be used in a way that minimized risk to the operator, environment, and the equipment itself. Since 2007, the company has installed control systems on nearly 1,000 pumps. 

Today’s pumps are installed with Puck’s industry-leading LightSpeed™ platform, designed to provide the most innovative real-time pump control on any type of cellular network. The LightSpeed Pro™ Wireless Portal sends users real-time updates to their personal computer or mobile devices. This robust system can control an unlimited number of pumps and engines, both old and new. Puck’s industry advancements are regularly implemented in LightSpeed Pro™, through free software updates.

In 2018, Puck Enterprises introduced new LightSpeed™ features such as:

Asset Health
Receive email alerts that indicate when any operational parameters have not been met.

Maintenance Alerts
Online maintenance recording and documentation storage that sends email alerts when essential maintenance is due.

Job Reporting
View important pump information, such as operating hours, fuel consumption, line flow, and work completed. 

Field Mapping 
Load all your customer’s sites and fields onto Google Maps, make notes, and attach manure management plans or any documents. 

Job planner
Operators can create field layouts, field ID, distances and area. 

“We continuously look towards adopting new technology in every product we make,” said Jeremy Puck, General Manager of Puck Enterprises. “The shift from 3G networks to 4G networks has been on our radar for quite some time. We’re sure changes like this will happen again, but we have proactively built solutions to keep our customers moving forward."

Puck’s LightSpeed system offers valuable features that ensure a high ROI for customers. The company prides itself on building all of its products, including the pump control systems, in-house. Find out more about Puck Enterprises and its LightSpeed™ control system at www.puck.com.