April 8, 2020

Puck Launches Intuitive Online Store

Manning, IA (April 8, 2020) - Puck Enterprises, an industry leader in manufacturing liquid transfer solutions, has launched an all-new e-commerce store to customers in the United States, Puck customers can now experience fast and convenient shopping online, while on the job-site or on the go. With access to new and used equipment, thousands of parts, and the latest apparel merchandise, this launch reaffirms that Puck is dedicated to finding innovative solutions for customers and the industry. 

The most intuitive aspect of the online store is that it lets customers directly buy new and used Puck equipment. It’s hassle-free, given the site’s capability of handling large transactions. Customers can purchase everything from a Puck Lead Pump fresh off of the production line to an affordable pre-owned Puck Agitation Boat. Once large equipment is purchased, freight shipping will be scheduled with customers. 

This accessibility extends to the parts store, where Puck has thousands of components at the ready for customers requiring backup or replacement parts. Merchandise is now available for the first time too. Customers can proudly purchase Puck and BullDog Hose Company apparel for themselves, family, and friends. 

“We are very proud and excited to launch our online store,” Jeremy Puck, President and CEO of Puck Enterprises. “Our goal was to make it easier for customers to have access to equipment, parts, and more. This new store accomplished just that.”

Mobile responsiveness and user-friendly functionality is a key focus of the online store. Customers will be able to easily shop on their phone, tablet, or personal computer. Each store features multiple search and sorting options. This makes finding equipment and components fast and simple. If further assistance is needed, customers can communicate with a Puck representative via the site’s online messaging system or by calling (833) 655-9200 to speak with a team member directly.

Puck Enterprises has always put its customers’ needs first. When they grow and succeed, so does the industry. The new store fits along with Puck’s other customer-focused online services: LightSpeed and their new Direct Customer Support Hotline. LightSpeed is a ground-breaking pump control software platform that offers unmatched remote pump management for liquid delivery operations. The Direct Customer Support Hotline is the latest in mobile support for modern agriculture. This mobile app service is free to customers and allows liquid delivery operations to communicate with Puck’s expert support team quickly. 

Browse Puck’s online selection of equipment and apparel at 

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